YouTuber "Meet Kevin" Running for Governor as a Democrat on a Conservative Platform

I’m impressed by Meet Kevin’s (aka Kevin Paffrath) energy, work ethic, and intelligence. I’d expect a gubernatorial candidate to at least have some elected office experience before running for governor of the largest state in the union, but at this point, anyone would be better than Gavin Newsom!

In fact, one of Meet Kevin’s largest assets is his limited record because he can brand himself as a forward-thinking, socially liberal, fed up with the establishment, young Democrat to appeal to California’s massive low-information Democratic base while substantively running on an extremely conservative platform.

Do you think that’s an unfair characterization of California Democrats? California has the lowest literacy rate in the country1 and nearly half of California students can’t read at grade level,2 which is below our already low national average. Sad! Low-information voters tend to be Democrat.3 The best predictor of knowledge is not diplomas, but wealth.4

Or do you think it’s incorrect to characterize Kevin’s platform as “conservative”? Well, let’s take a look at his top three policy proposals in the order in which he placed them on his website

1. No State Income Tax on the first $250,000 of Income.

• Removes the CA State Income Tax on the first $250,000 made.

• No California tax return required.

• An approximately 5-7% flat tax on incomes over $250,000.

• An INSTANT pay raise for all workers and investors.

• Funded by streamlining / reducing regulation and red tape throughout California. Additionally: legalizing Gambling, Massive Growth, Future School consolidation, & Ending OVERPAYING for services. Example: The High-Speed Rail costs $125 million per mile. Private sector can build tunnels at $10 million per mile. ALL CA projects, in the future, will have 100% public transparency, where we publicly & transparently weigh quality and cost. This ends crony capitalism (backroom deals) and corruption. Never has a Governor been 100% transparent or had a “daily vlog (video log).” Kevin Paffrath’s already started and vows to continue in office.5

As you can see Kevin Paffrath’s #1 policy priority is to eliminate state income taxes for people making between $100,000 - $250,000. And then to implement a flat tax for those making over $250,000.

If any Republican ran on such a platform in the 2016 presidential primary they would’ve been in my opinion the most conservative candidate on the stage since none of them were suggesting eliminating income taxes for those making over $100K.

Kevin justifies his position by saying that if California doesn’t cut taxes for the rich then they will continue to leave the state. True, but the same logic applies to when federal taxes are too high and the rich move their money and businesses overseas, which is a fact many of the left actively ignore or suppress when dreaming up their utopian visions built on the back of taking over 50%, 70%, or even 90% of Americans income.

Kevin inadvertently hit on one of the key reasons why communism only works in theory because unless you endorse a government that will severely restrict the free movement of money, people, and goods then money will always flow from more command economies to more capitalist ones.

2. The Homeless Emergency.

• Housing for All Homeless within 60 Days via Emergency Powers.

• Medical & Substance, Mental Health, and Educational Support Immediately Available.

• 3 meals per day and centralized support for all homeless immediately.

• No one lives on the streets in our state anymore within 60 days.

• The National Guard will be tasked with compassionately serving our homeless community until our Future Facilities are built. The National Guard will use war-time-training to build, within 60 days, emergency housing, mental-health facilities, detox facilities, educational facilities, canteens, and medical support for ALL Californian’s without homes. However, we have to also solve the reasons that CREATE homelessness.

Kevin is very effective at branding his policies, but let’s consider what he’s saying here…

The National Guard will “compassionately” force the homeless into camps. He glosses over this fact, but the reality is that many if not most homeless people will not just choose to relocate themselves into camps no matter how many meals or how much mental health treatment they’d be given there. The only way to ensure “no one lives on the streets in our state anymore within 60 days” is to criminalize homelessness by fining/jailing people who are squatting, soliciting, and then forcibly relocating them off the streets by either putting them in camps or buying them a one-way bus ticket back from which they came.

Kevin’s position here is therefore extremely conservative because he lives in a state where Democrats are already indoctrinated against law enforcement and deporting/detaining illegal immigrants let alone using law enforcement to detain American citizens.

3. Future Schools.

• At 14, students have a choice to attend a Future School.

• Combines college, trade school, high school, & financial education.

• Students graduate debt free, for free, at 18, ready for career placement.

• In partnership with small, medium, and large businesses throughout CA.

Consider This: Instead of guessing what businesses need, businesses of all sizes will work with our Future Schools to educate our teachers, enabling our teachers more pay. Then, teachers will educate our students in skills that fit their choice, so that students graduate debt free, with a financial-and-wealth-building background, and ready for a career. Traditional Universities will still be an option, however Future School enrollees will NOT be required to take SAT/ACT testing for placement at State Schools (UC or Cal).

Another fantastic conservative proposal. Conservatives support school choice whether it be in the form of vouchers, trade schools, charter schools, or “future” schools. Empowering students is the key to saving America!

The most powerful union in America though is the Teachers Union, which is basically an unofficial recruiter for the Democrat Party. The Teachers Union obviously has 0 interest in giving up power over their indoctrinatees despite their abject failure to teach basic reading and math. America spends more money on black youth and the youth in general THAN VIRTUALLY ANY OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH and yet we have DECREASING educational standards. Money is clearly not the problem despite the predictable demands for more money by the Teachers Union. The problem is a lack of student choice, but so long as the Teachers Unions keeps successfully churning out low-information voters for the Democratic Party then the Democratic Party will continue to empower the Teachers Union over our children.

Kevin rebrands a long-standing conservative position in an attempt to get around the Teachers Union’s success at defaming vouchers, trade schools, and charter schools, but if Kevin has any chance of getting elected or implementing his “future schools” then he’ll have no choice but to go through America’s most powerful union.

In a rational world, Kevin would easily beat Gavin Newsom, but we don’t live in such a world, especially in California, because then Newsom would never have been elected and the state wouldn’t have to look to a 29-year-old or Caitlyn Jenner as its best hope for the future.

Kevin’s greatest obstacle will be getting enough exposure in time for the primary election.

Kevin’s campaign has also highlighted the impossibility of “getting money out of politics” because Instagram took down his announcement post (until Kevin was one of the lucky few who got Fox News to cover it, therefore, forcing the company to backpedal to save face) and Big tech “contributed $226 million to government causes on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s behalf last year,” which is just one of a million ways to get around campaign finance laws. Money has never been nor ever will be out of politics! Another fairytale fed to the youth.

If Newsom ever attacks Kevin then it will probably be that Kevin is too far right for California, but Kevin can cloak the truth by saying his policies are simply “common sense” or “forward-thinking” and then hope that California’s indoctrination system failed enough that self-identifying Democrats enthusiastically vote for extremely conservative policies.

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