Caitlyn Jenner for California?

You can be a Reality TV star.

You can be divorced.

You can be transgender.

You can be lesbian and have a 46 year age gap with your girlfriend.

You can kill someone.

You can have 0 elective office experience.

And yet…

Conservatives would still vote for you!

tHe HYpOcRisY?!!!

No. High-information voters don’t vote in general elections so much based on “personality” or even “character.” This isn’t Miss America. We vote based on philosophy.

We rather vote for an immoral person who at least shares many of our values (even if they don’t always live up to them because after all no one is perfect) than a supposedly moral person (as deemed by corporate media) who in all their morality will impose their anti-conservative values on us all by doing such things as…

  • Taxpayer-funded abortions well past the 8th week when there are signs of brain function and heart beat as well as taxpayer-funded contraception, and sex “education;”

  • Incentivizing childhood poverty & adolescent depression;

  • Demonizing American history & Christianity;

  • Taking away more of our freedom to choose our own doctors/teachers/products;

  • Forcing more of us into college/home/medical debt by centralizing power via a byzantine regulatory state;

  • Confiscating more our hard-earned money to give to people who will likely just feel angrily entitled to more.

In the end, a politician is a job.

Ideally, we’d want our plumber to be an honest, kind, family man, but who wouldn’t feel forced to hire him if the only alternative is the plumber who makes his money by breaking more pipes than he fixes so he can create more work for himself?

For conservatives it basically comes down to: of the two major party candidates running which one will take less of our money and freedom? This is because, in the end, we trust ourselves with our money and freedom more than we do the “compassionate” politician.