The Future of Israel | How the Israel-Palestinian Conflict Will End

Before we go forward let’s go back…

The Kingdom of Israel was established around 1000 BC predating Christianity and Islam. We could therefore think of Jews as the region’s indigenous population.

The region was eventually conquered by Muslims and then Christians and then Muslims and then finally Christians again.

“Make Israel Native Again!”

Now, I don’t personally find genetic land claims persuasive. I don’t love the idea of passing down massive wealth from father to son let alone to draw a broad line from a millennia ago to the present. I recognize, however, that I may be in the minority here because there are many of my fellow Americans who believe that the federal government should give special privileges, reparations, and land to people simply on the basis of their genetic makeup.

Anyway, after many Jews were expelled from their ancient homeland, they were forced to live under Christian and Muslim governments who fluctuated between tolerance and genocide. This is known as the Jewish Diaspora.

Naturally, Jews became frustrated by being raped, killed, robbed, and scapegoated for centuries so they requested the League of Nations give them back a piece of their ancient homeland, which since then had basically passed from one colonial power’s hands to the next.

The bottom line is Zionist Jews recognized that the best way to defend themselves from antisemitism and preserve themselves from cultural disintegration was to have a state of their own.

And then after the most horrific genocide in history where basically the world sat by as Jewish men, women, and children were gassed to death, the British/United Nations offered to split the colonized land into two states: one for Jews and one for Arabs.

This should have been hailed as a triumphant victory for the region! The first time it would rule itself since perhaps the Kingdom of Israel, but do you know how the Arab League responded to this gracious offer?


Genocide against Kurds? Nothing.

Genocide against Christians? Nothing.

Jews want to establish their own democratic state in a small piece of their ancient homeland where they make up a majority of the population after the most horrific genocide in human history? Arab nations unite in moral indignation to declare war!

They didn’t declare war because all of a sudden these theocratic governments developed a deep love for democracy, self-rule, and human rights. It was about maintaining Arab Islamic power.

The goal of the Arab League wasn’t a two-state solution or one-state where everyone would be “equal,” i.e. name a Muslim-majority country where Jews are treated as equals or where a single Jew holds elected office? The motive was as many Arab Leaders actively proclaimed to, “drive the Jews into the sea” or as the Secretary-General of the Arab League had threatened, “a war of extermination.”

And when I look at some of the quotes of the Quran and Hadas I’m not particularly surprised by the well-documented antisemitic sentiment in the Muslim world. After all, your beliefs affect your behavior.

What are Muslim beliefs about Jews?

Put yourself in the mindset of somebody who genuinely believes Mohammed was the “last true prophet,” i.e. the “perfect human” or some less generous Muslims consider “the closest a human can ever possibly get to perfection.”

Mohammed did what Hamas is trying to do, i.e. after Muhammad felt the Jewish tribes betrayed him, they were almost all exiled, executed, or enslaved. Medina had a large Jewish population until Mohammed forced them out. Isn’t it therefore logical for Muslims to want to follow in the footsteps of their prophet by doing to the Jews in their third holiest city (Jerusalem) as Mohammed did to them in their second holiest city (Medina)?

Also in the Quran, Jews were turned into “apes and pigs.” Moderate Muslims defend this passage by saying that only the Jews that broke Sabbath were animalized. Oh, okay.

And just as we could find quotes from Jewish leaders that strongly condemn Islam there are many quotes from Muslim leaders that interpret the Quran perhaps more literally.

Egypt elected a president, Mohamed Morsi, who said to, “nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred” for Jews and Zionists. Al-Azhar Sheikh Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi, the highest-ranking cleric in the Sunni Muslim world, called the Jews "the enemies of Allah, descendants of apes and pigs."

It’s therefore unsurprising that according to the ADL, 97% of Palestinians are antisemitic, which ranks as the highest proportion in the world. This explains why they elected a f*cking terrorist organization to lead them (excuse my Hebrew).

Some Muslims like to blame Israel’s modern actions for their antisemitism because of course Jews standing up for themselves as they did to Mohammed will lead to greater indignation in those who expect absolute obedience to Allah (or at least passively accepting subjugation).

So anyway, despite much of the Arab world uniting against Israel in multiple wars they lost each time.

And yet despite winning, Israel STILL offered a two-state solution TIME AND TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

I’m not aware of any Muslim nation in history willfully giving up territory, especially after winning a war, based on the principle that a local population should govern itself. Double-standards are one of the hallmarks of antisemitism.

The only reason people even talk about Israeli settlements is not because a government is pushing out a people. If Jews were just another Muslim group like the Kurds then most people wouldn’t give a flying Torah.

People justify Israeli hatred using this deceptive meme…

But Palestinians never owned all that land. The map is based on proposals, which Arab leaders denied because they wanted ALL OF IT. Sometimes “all or nothing” gets you nothing.

But of course, Muslims don’t have nothing. If we take a broader view of the Middle East we’d see how Muslims started in Mecca and then over the centuries violently conquered more and more of the Middle East to the point where 99% of it is controlled by Muslims with just a tiny speck for Jews.

But I empathize with Muslim individuals who had lived in the former British Mandate whereupon the Balfour Declaration they’d see their community rapidly change over the succeeding decades as more and more European Jews fleeing from oppression came into their communities with their own language, culture, and customs (cough, cough as is happening now with Muslims coming to Europe).

But is often ignored by anti-Zionists, Muslims already have a Palestinian state: Jordan who had banned and banished Jews, and where today about 70% of their population is Palestinian.

If Palestinians who left Israel in what is known as “Nakba” should be compensated then so should Jews who left neighboring Arab countries. Fair is fair.

Present-day, Jews would have to have a death wish to endorse a two-state solution.

How many missiles must Hamas shoot at Israel before people realize that if you give them a fully sovereign nation from which to shoot missiles that a lot more people will die on both sides? Hamas will not stop until they have 100% of the land as they believe Allah promised them and they will nitpick any historical grievance they can find to justify it to our Western sensibilities.

Hamas is lucky they didn’t bomb the U.S. (or another Muslim country for that matter) because America would not have shown as much restraint as Israel. After the first missile shot at the U.S., we would have patriotically dropped democracy from the sky and killed whoever we needed to kill to remove Hamas from power. Period.

Israelis are imperfect (they’re human after all) and there has been some genuine tragedies, but by-and-large I believe Israel has been too nice because perhaps they care too much about international opinion as Jews have historically been reliant on it for their basic survival.

Ultimately, the deaths we see primarily fall at the feet of Palestinians themselves for electing a terrorist organization to lead them who uses women and children as human shields. And we thought Trump was bad.

In the end, the future looks brighter for the West Bank and Gaza Strip, especially for their women and non-conformists.

Israel will continue to become richer and richer. It already has the highest standard of living in the Middle East despite having the largest target on its back and virtually no oil because compared to its neighbors Israel places a higher premium on human rights and education. If you’re a compassionate person you’d therefore want more of the Middle East to look like Israel and less like Jordan.

I believe more Jews and more secularized Palestinians will replace antisemites in the region so that eventually the West Bank and the Gaza Strip will get to live peacefully under one big beautiful Jewish State. Some try to look down on these demographic/cultural changes as “settler colonialism,” but to those who are easily manipulated by lingo we can call it “native restoration” or more simply: progress.

Thanks for reading! I know this topic is a tad bit controversial. I welcome any rebuttals or corrections you’d like me to make. I tried to be fair to all sides, but in the end, as a rational utilitarian moralist humanist I couldn’t help but side more with Israel. For the record, I find there are some positive qualities about Islam, but overall my Muslim friends shouldn’t expect much from an infidel.