Mar 20, 2022Liked by Anthony Galli

I think you are thinking critically here… some good points.. we spend 4 trillion a year in healthcare and nurses get 300-400 billion- hospitals get 1.3 trillion and as I have said to many nurses- yes the CEO is an idiot that doesn’t know jack but his salary would not pay for the amount we need to increase nurse salaries to a fair market wage. Shake the big pot and make it rain, because nurses outnumber any other healthcare providers - are the ones that DO the STUFF that make it so people don’t die, it’s stem, we do 5x an engineer per hour. They need to reimburse for nursing care not just procedures in order for y’all to get care. Don’t worry about nurse patient ratio bills- nurses are now being represented by business in business to get fair market wages as travel or contract nurses - then hospitals cancel us, staff quits in droves and then next quarter they have to pay out again- they are going to flatline because they won’t give staff a 10$ permanent raise and continue a quarterly profits business strategy. We are flatlining physically and mentally so having to travel to survive they will flatline themselves. two travel contracts and I have done a full years work in normal people terms. I would even have Bezos put a tracker on us for productivity but a computer couldn’t even do it- it understands that 1 human can’t be in 7 critical places at once.

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