The Earth has enough nuclear energy to last 1-4 billion years: https://whatisnuclear.com/nuclear-sustainability.html

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Another excellent commentary, thank you Anthony! It occurs to me that starting with the steam engine in 1850, there has been an energy revolution about every 50 years. In 1900, the internal combustion engine and in 1950 nuclear. Truman came out talking about power too cheap to meter. But somehow the US lost the plot. I suspect that lobbying by the fossil fuel industry was a factor in regulating nuclear in the US into oblivion.

The world needs, by my infallible estimation of course, :) 3-5 times as much energy as we are producing today to bring everyone up to a "decent" standard of living. And the competition to provide it will be brutal. Solar and wind are like bringing a hay wagon to a Formula One race.

And you are spot on about the hypocrisy of the left in rejecting nuclear. Who are the real science deniers?

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