Hi, I’m Anthony Galli.

I live mostly in my head, which you can find currently in Hanoi, Vietnam where I write by day and teach by night.

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I’ve generated thousands of followers and millions of views on Medium, YouTube, and Quora, but the reason I’m focusing here is because I see the writing on the wall for independent conservative voices on those platforms. Big Media and Big Tech are colluding with each other to shut out competition by defining such questionable sources as FoxNews, CNN, and the WHO as “authoritative sources” while banning anyone who strays too far from their mainstream narrative. The influence-industrial complex is increasingly anti-free-speech and anti-free-markets.

Imagine the best media environment.

For me, newsletter-writers epitomize the best of what media could be. Independent. Thoughtful. Accountable. Corporate media can lie to you because no one is accountable. If a gear breaks or gets too greasy they can replace it with a new talking airhead, trust-fund baby executive, or partisan hack writer. The system itself is largely unaffected as they continue churning out massive profits by playing off of our collective id whereas if Anthony Galli lies to you JUST ONE TIME then that lie could haunt me for the rest of my hopefully long life. It’s much harder for a human to rebrand oneself than a corporate entity, which is why if you’re interested in getting to the truth on any controversial topic then you shouldn’t so much listen to corporations or organizations as much as you should listen to intellectually courageous individuals who aren’t afraid to speak truth to power.

Philosophically I’m a minimalist, federalist, futurist, humanist, nationalist, conservative, nudger, constitutionalist, Middle-Class First American. Behaviorally I’m an avid reader, writer, and runner.

What readers are saying:

“Anthony offers a deeply insightful perspective during our divided times.” — Abraham Lincoln

"I get lost in his writing." — Amelia Earhart

“A good writer, but no Shakespeare” — William Shakespeare

“Never, never, never NEVER give up, Anthony! Write on the beaches and on the landing grounds. Write in the fields and in the streets. Write in the hills and in the cafes. Never surrender!” — Winston Churchill

“He’s a sweet boy, but he should really call his Grandmother more.” — Anthony’s Grandmother

Please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email with your thoughts or concerns. I welcome constructive criticism but preferably sandwiched between two compliments.

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