TYT Implosion Is Indicative of Influential Leftist Movements

All for One and One For All

Politics should be focused on policy.

But we live in a democracy with a massive low-information electorate (only 39% of Americans can correctly name the three branches of government) and so if conservatives want our policies to prevail we sometimes have to speak at a level most voters will understand.

We need to gossip.

We need to reach down to pull people up.

If you go into the comment section of any internet forum you’ll see a lot of personal insults because so many people are only capable of thinking about politics in superhero terms (good vs. evil) and our democratic system rewards those politicians who can effectively speak at that level too.

This brings me to The Young Turks.

TYT is the #1 American progressive news commentary show hosted by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian.

I can explain why the policies they support (Medicare-for-All, Jobs-for-All, $15 Federal Minimum Wage, College-for-All, etc) would destroy the American economy, especially if taken together, but most of the young people who support these scams are, in my opinion, too idealistic & tribalistic to be persuaded by logic (they were raised by the influence-industrial complex to think, “Republican = evil, greedy, sexist, racist”).

It’s easier for me to persuade low-information voters by saying, “OMG can you believe what Ana said to Jimmy?!”


This is despicable.

Ana Kasparian’s message will do a ton of harm to the #MeToo and #BelieveWomen movement because now it’s clear that even one of the most influential women in America will resort to claiming sexual harassment in order to score political points for something so banal as Twitter beef with a supposed friend. Imagine if the stakes were greater such as over child custody, child support, alimony, lawsuit, or a Supreme Court appointment? Maybe men should also be considered “innocent until proven guilty?”

If her sexual harassment claims were genuine then she would’ve and should’ve fired Jimmy Dore at the time instead of repeatedly praising him over the years and then waiting to weaponize a remark he apologized for at the most politically opportune moment.

It’s also important to note Ana Kasparian used to publicly sl*t-shame women and sell access to unblurred images of Britney Spears's private parts.

“Unfortunately, we’re not able to see it on YouTube, but if you go on our website theyoungturks.com you can see it uncensored, but the point I want to make about it is for somebody who doesn’t seem like she’s been taking care of herself for awhile she is perfectly, perfectly hairless.” — Ana Kasparian

The Young Turks shouldn’t be trusted to give the weather let alone complex political analysis and yet much of YouTube’s most popular leftists gained their notoriety by working for them, such as Kyle Kulinski and Jimmy Dore.

Their dishonesty and poor judgment should really make any leftist question the philosophy these influencers have been trafficking in all these years.

Why did Ana Kasparian play the #MeToo card?

“The essential notion of a capitalist society is voluntary cooperation, voluntary exchange. The essential notion of a socialist society is force.” — Milton Friedman

She has a utopian vision for the future of “one for all.”

Medicare for All, Jobs for All, College for All, Housing for All, Child Care for All, etc.

By definition, this socialist vision requires destroying competition.

The ends justify the means.

Utopia is just up ahead! Push through the pain!

She knows the path to utopia will be riddled with defeated businesspeople, but Democratic Socialists feel the end goal of shared prosperity will make it all worth it in the end.

She can make baseless accusations because if you disagree with her then you must either be stupid and/or corrupt, which means even if she doesn’t have any evidence that, for example, Aaron Maté was “paid by the Russians,” which was the accusation that caused Jimmy Dore to “run his mouth” about her lack of evidence, then in her mind, the evidence must be forthcoming because corruption is the only rational reason why one would disagree with her.

Democratic Socialism is not an “agree to disagree” philosophy.

It requires the politicization/democratization of every aspect of the economy under one central authority.

Leftists turn on leftists.

Stalin turns on Trotsky.

There can only be one.

One for all!

To question that authority would threaten its tenuous existence therefore you must be crushed and power must be further consolidated.

Socialist monopolies corrode fast so they have to increasingly rely on silencing dissent whether it be in the form of fines, imprisonment, exile, or death. And if you don’t have any of those powers within your control yet then you can punish dissenters via making say idk sexual harassment claims.