How to Make Everything More Political

Everything is political. And the more you want to control MY life then the more I have to care about and influence the choices YOU make.

Overall, I’m a nonjudgmental person. You do you! But I’ve found that in recent years the left isn’t letting me do me. The influence-industrial complex says, “BE YOURSELF!” so long as you’re not conservative or for that matter — rational.

Please just consider that over 90% of education, Hollywood, social media, and mainstream media are controlled by the Democrat 1%. The only token source the average American really has a window into conservative opinion is FoxNews, which isn’t so much conservative as much as it’s a cheerleader of the Republican Party.

Now, it's my belief that you don’t have to look under the hood and think deeply about WHY you like what you like or dislike what you dislike, but if you want to vote, especially if you want to vote for politicians who promise to use force to take more of my money and freedom then I have no choice but to force you as much as I can to confront your bad beliefs and behaviors because you are making them increasingly negatively affect me.

  • TAXPAYER GETS THE BILL: Let’s take obesity. Overeating and a sedentary lifestyle will lead to obesity, which somewhere down the road I’ll be expected to help pay for your high medical bills, especially if we implement Medicare-for-All. It’s therefore increasingly my business what you decide to do with your body. And so am I being “mean” if I say, “Hey stranger! Put that burger down. I think you ate enough today.”

  • HEDONISTIC CULTURE: Or let's take the overconsumption of TV and video games, which are closely associated with higher rates of depression, loneliness, and poverty. Down the road, I’ll be expected to help pay for your pursuit of instant gratification. Is it mean if I jump into a kid’s TikTok dance where I shake, shimmy, and shout, “Pick up a d*mn book!”

  • UNCLE DADDY SAM: Or lastly, if I’m trying to enjoy a nice meal and your kid starts screaming then would it be odd if I whisper, “No more screaming or there will be no dessert for you.” After all, the American taxpayer is increasingly responsible for raising your child from child tax credits, public schooling, public housing, Medicaid, food stamps, college grants, subsidizing Hollywood, etc. The greater the percent your child is being financially supported by the taxpayer then shouldn’t the taxpayer get a greater say in how your child is raised?

So anyway, let’s imagine for a second if conservatives returned to being more scathingly conservative, i.e. publicly scolding bad behavior.

For one, there’d be more street fights and bar room brawls, but overall we’d see less bad behaviors because humans are social creatures and the youth feel social pressure even more.

Conservatives used to be more socially critical, but the 1% has pummeled the average middle-class American into submission. The left is allowed to be critical of conservative behaviors whereas the right has become more censored in our ability to criticize non-conservative behaviors.

If individuals were allowed to be more openly critical again of obesity, stupidity, obnoxiousness, rudeness, unprofessional attire, sexualizing youth, overconsumption, divorce, laziness, etc. then we’d actually get less of those behaviors and therefore the country would move more toward the right again where we’d place a higher premium on virtue rather than views.

For the record, I don’t agree with the man in the above photo who scolded the young woman for what she wore, but one has to ask themselves where do you draw the line? What if she was naked? What if she was having s*x? At what point does someone else’s business become your business, especially if they’re a relative or friend or if you cared about your community? You may cloak your opinion in “whatever the law permits,” but ultimately even the law is an opinion shaped by how conservative a society is.


Ostensibly the left censors conservatives because it’s about tolerance, but the truth is leftists are selectively tolerant. You can wear a rainbow speedo down Elementary School Avenue, but good luck wearing a MAGA hat inside a place of so-called higher learning. You ain’t gonna get a lot of “You go gurrrl’s,” “Red is beautiful,” “Express yourself!”

In one breathe the Democrat 1% talk about “unity” and “tolerance” and then in the next breathe they demonize the other 50% of the American electorate who contribute more in taxes and charity as greedy the ones or Nazi-sympathizers, “basket of deplorables,” white supremacists, racists, sexists, hicks, Islamaphobic, rainbowphobic, but both sides are all too happy to play the “pick the worst anecdote you can find from the other side” game because both sides have increasingly become factphobic.

Both sides are intolerant of certain beliefs and behaviors, but the key difference is that the left is predominately the gatekeeper of what is considered mainstream and anything outside of it can be banned by the self-proclaimed tolerant who are intolerant of your intolerance!

In the end, do I ACTUALLY recommend publicly scolding strangers?


You should have better things to do with your time and overall I believe positive reinforcement is a much more powerful persuasion tool, but if our leftist friends are going to INCREASINGLY tell us what to do with their vote then I think we have no choice but to tell them what to do with our voice, that is, for as long as we’re allowed to have one.