The Descent of American Culture | "YG - In the Dark (Official Music Video)"

I like rap music. As a kid, I wanted to be a rapper.

There’s a part of me that thinks this song is “dope!”

My first and only car was a Ford Focus so I chuckled at the line…

Loaded. Losing my Focus. Need a b*tch and a Benz. Not a Ford Focus.

But there’s another part of me that thinks the song’s misogynistic, materialistic, hedonistic, and juvenile.

I like my b*tches dark. I hit them at the park when it’s dark.

I guess my view is that this sort of content should be age-restricted on YouTube to reduce its mainstream appeal.

But not only does Big Tech not censor such music for children, but recently Apple used it for its jingle in their new iPhone commercial.

I think it’s a clever ad and at least they cut out the more offensive lines, but it’s because they used the song that it has gained new popularity among impressionable teenagers.

Pop up on ya b*tch like peek a boo.

The culture has moved so far to the left that it’s easy to be considered a social conservative nowadays because you can basically be against killing an 8-month old baby or in favor of giving your daughter a doll and BOOM you’re a conservative transphobic misogynist!

Face down, *ss up, back gotta be arched.

If Google, Apple, and Facebook censored profane songs on their platforms then creators would be financially incentivized to tone it down a bit or create a more censored alternative version for children.

Here’s my attempt at rewriting the song for the kids:

YG: Loaded. Losing my Focus. Need a b*tch and a Benz. Not a Ford Focus.

AG: Loaded. Losing my Focus. Need a hitch and a Benz. Not a Ford Focus.

YG: I like my b*tches dark. I hit them at the park when it’s dark.

AG: I hate my ditches dark. I fall in them at the park when it’s dark.

YG: Face down, *ss up, back gotta be arched.

AG: Face down, pass up, test gotta be marked.

YG: Pop up on ya b*tch like peek a boo.

AG: Pop up on the rich like peek a boo.

YG: I do a b*tch harsh. Break her heart to a thousand parts.

AG: I teach a niche harsh. Make her smart in a thousand parts.

Or I suppose you could just omit the curse words, but some leftists might call me a hypocrite because, “What about free speech?”

For one, I’d argue it’s BECAUSE I believe in free speech that I support censoring profanity/vulgarity. I think vulgarity dumbs down our culture by superficializing our thinking, therefore, making it easier for the influence-industrial complex to censor complex thinking. In other words, “bread and circuses” is a distraction from tyranny, which is why Big Tech not only doesn’t censor such content, but actively promotes it while censoring more substantive content for wrongthink.

But more importantly, I’d argue society should treat children differently. What a radical notion?! In addition, age-restricting videos isn’t particularly heavy-handed censorship as kids could still click that they’re “over 18 years old,” but at least parents could more effectively gauge the vulgarity of the content their children are exposed to by seeing if they try to bypass the age-restriction filter on their account.

And then if you’re a radical feminist you might say, “What’s so bad about referring to women as female dogs and sexual objects? Some women like that!”

But that small number shrinks even more when you consider that of those women who like to be degraded/“empowered” by confident alpha males there is an even fewer number who like to be a “side chick.”

Most women I know (almost all of whom identify as liberals) would prefer to be in a monogamous long-term marriage or relationship with an upstanding guy who treats them as special and equal.

If you’re a woman then isn’t this the life you imagined for yourself as a little girl?

A happy wife is a happy life?

If so then it’s obvious that social conservatism offers the better culture in which monogamous long-term relationships are the norm (while still remaining tolerant of alternative lifestyles). Left unabated, social liberalism will lead to more divorce, single-mothers, and the s*xualizing of youth where the ultimate virtue of society isn’t intelligence or loyalty, but stup*d pleasure.

“Trust issues, I had them from the start.”

If you agree with me then welcome to the right.

But conservatism is the new cool counter-culture against authority and might so you might want to keep your parents in the dark.

“In the dark, in the dark, in the dark. My life is dark, but I see the truth.”