"Made in America" UFO's Responsible for Millions of Deaths?

UFOs are real.

The first question is what are they?

Some unidentified flying objects have turned out to be airplanes, hot air balloons, atmospheric optical effects, cosmic phenomena, and kitchen plates.

The most persuasive case for high-tech flying machines were the recently released Pentagon videos, FLIR, Gimbal, and GoFast.

When I listen to Joe Rogan and other UFO enthusiasts they usually focus on eyewitness testimony, which is more persuasive in the above cases because there were multiple aviator experts corroborating the same story.

“I’m not a UFO guy, but there’s definitely something there. I don’t know whose building it, whose got the technology, whose got the brains, but there’s something out there that was better than our airplane.” — David Fravor, one of the Naval aviator’s in FLIR video

Generally, eyewitness accounts are unreliable because just as you can find numerous people passionately claiming to have seen aliens you can find people passionately claiming to have seen Big Foot (perhaps you believe in both).

But it’s the combination of expert eyewitnesses with advanced cameras capable of capturing altitude, speed, etc., which give the above UFOs (or UAPs) so much credibility, but based on UFO investigator Mick West’s explanation of the footage I came away more skeptical than how I initially felt.

At 33:28, Mick West asks Luis Elizondo, the former director of the Pentagon’s UFO Program, for comment on his above debunking theories.

Luis Elizondo: Due I think your analysis is valuable? Absolutely. Did we conduct our own analysis? Absolutely. A very comprehensive analysis. Did we come up with the same conclusions as you did? We did not. And my question to you would be… you are looking at the video… are you certain there’s not other video or perhaps radar data that correlates with the pilot testimony?

Mick West: That would be great, but unfortunately I only have the video to go by.

Luis Elizondo: Correct.

In other words, Luis Elizondo can see why Mick West reached the conclusions he has via the publicly available video footage, but Luis Elizondo has had access to classified information that led him to a different conclusion, and therefore we should just accept his analysis that superadvanced flying machines exist?

“We are quite convinced that we’re dealing with a technology that is multigenerational, several generations ahead of what we consider next-generation technology.” — Luis Elizondo

“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” — Carl Sagan

Ultimately, we must acknowledge that our natural human bias is to believe there are aliens because it would be so exciting! Everyone loves a good mystery! I know I’ve watched hundreds of alien-related videos and only a handful of debunking videos, in part, because they’re harder to find since there’s so much less money and attention given to making them. This is because no matter how much we may respect a UFO skeptic’s argument, they’re a bit of a buzzkill.

Anyway, the point of this article isn’t to convince you one way or another that superadvanced high-tech flying machines exist or not, but to raise the question with some of the best cases I could find so as to ask a deeper question if we assume the proposition is true.

Who made them?


If the American government discovered alien spacecraft then, for one, it seems odd that the US would’ve been the only government to find them, which means there’d need to be some sort of global oversight to keep a lid on it. The only somewhat rational reason for the US government to keep it a secret is because they haven’t been able to “unlock the code” to replicate the technology yet and so they fear sharing the information could create public hysteria and more alarmingly lead to an international race to unlock the tech whereby the group who succeeds first could conquer the globe with it. As our own technology advances though both fears seem less warranted, which may explain why the Pentagon is becoming less tight-lipped about UFOs.

“If there are aliens, they are just very subtle. They’re being pretty shy. So, as far as we can tell there’s none nor are we seeing signals from any other solar system.” — Elon Musk, possible alien

If the public does discover alien life someday then I think it’s more likely to be less Bollywood and more biosignatures. Rather than images of drive-by aliens, we’re more likely to discover life on other planets via searching the spectrum of a planet’s light for signatures of chemical balances that only biological organisms can produce.


If China (or Russia) had such advanced military technology then either A) the Pentagon would know it’s them and therefore it’s only logical they’d want to share this information with the American people as the fear it’d stir would lead to a massive expansion of our military budget, or B) the Pentagon doesn’t know who is flying them in which case Chinese technology would be so much more advanced it’d make zero sense for them to just sit on their power. At this point, they would’ve leveraged the technology to become the most powerful and technologically advanced nation on Earth so instead of 8 of the top 10 richest people being American, 10 out of 10 would be Chinese.


The final theory and the one I think would be most likely and is often overlooked because of scapegoating little green men is that this advanced military tech is coming from the United States.

The U.S. Government denies this, but if such an advanced UFO program existed it’d probably be so top-secret via compartmentalization into a private company’s hands that most of our government probably wouldn’t be aware of it, including the President. The left hand would not know what the right hand is doing.

If the US made the UFOs then in some ways this would be the scariest theory of all because it’d mean our government is so much more tyrannical, opaque, advanced, and demonic than I ever imagined.

If the US was capable of making “multigenerational technology” it’d mean there is some sort of secret government organization at the heart of the American government that is at the very least withholding technology that could have saved millions of lives by revolutionizing travel and energy.

The FLIR video was from 2004, which means this technology would have existed for at least two decades whereby new industries could have boomed to lift millions of people out of poverty, end air pollution, and explore the stars.

The only rational explanation to keep such world-changing technology top-secret would be so a small elite could maintain top-level control over humanity. Every conspiracy theory would have to be reexamined with new eyes.

Time is running out.

I think the 2020s is the sweet spot of history for figuring out if we’re truly being visited by aliens.

What makes the 2020s the goldilocks period is now virtually everyone has high-resolution cameras in their pockets, but in 10 -30 years CGI, drones, and rockets will be even better and more accessible, which will make it near impossible to reach a strong conclusion about any one case.

This is why we need to demand declassifying the entire Pentagon UFO Report now.

Whatever Luis Elizondo got to see; the American public should be permitted to see too so we can reach our own conclusions.

The argument that the Pentagon is keeping this stuff secret to “protect our national security” is at the very least short-sighted.

If the 144 videos in the report all turned out to be nothing and in the process we reveal some sensitive secrets about our own development projects or intelligence capabilities then declassification would still be worth it!

Secrecy is overrated.

If the technology in those development projects amounts to anything anyway they should be put to use in the private sector to advance our civilization faster (imagine what Elon Musk could do with it) and if any of our intelligence capabilities are compromised then let that serve as a kick in the butt to update them.

Our government is all too quick to err on the side of secrecy because information is power and no one wants to be responsible for releasing “mundane” information that leads to a terrorist attack so the government’s philosophy is to err on the side of caution.

This is the dilemma in any democracy: freedom vs. security. In my opinion, if you aren’t willing to die for freedom then you don’t deserve security.

According to the Mary Ferrell Foundation, the government hasn’t even released 368,000 pages of classified information relating to the Kennedy assassination, which happened over 60 years ago! In my opinion, hiding those documents has more to do with saving face than “national security,” which I suppose to the CIA is one and the same.

The Commander-in-Chief has the ability to declassify anything at any time. As a matter of policy, for every new word that is classified, one word should be declassified. As a matter of principle, we need fewer laws, regulations, departments, taxes, and classifications.

If alien hysteria causes us to declassify a bunch of information and explore space with increased vigor then I’d consider that a major win for human freedom.

Just because something might not be real doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from it. Whether “aliens” kill us or inadvertently save millions of lives may in the end be in our hands after all.