FoxNews Top Story Is On Gabby Petito Instead of Border Crisis, Pandemic, Inflation, Afghanistan, And Upcoming "Infrastructure" Vote

The top 4-of-5 stories on FoxNews are about Gabby Petito’s disappearance. Her case has been America’s #1 Cable News Network’s top priority for over a week.

It’s tragic, but should her case be getting so much national media attention?


As of 2020, there are 543,000 missing persons.

Of course, there is a variety of factors that make this missing persons case more headline-catching, but here’s the deal — due to the left’s oligarchic control over the American mind(Big Media, Big Tech, Big Education, Big Pharma, Big Government), FoxNews is basically conservatives ONLY token cable news network so therefore it has a greater responsibility to hold the Biden administration accountable.

This is a tumultuous time in American politics.

We have a border crisis…

We’re still in a pandemic, which with Biden’s recent mandate he has somewhat admittedly broken the constitution he swore to protect…

We have rising inflation…

We have the tragic Afghanistan withdrawal where the NYT (in a rare move of holding Biden accountable) revealed how the Biden administration lied to us in order to cover up killing innocent children…

And I think perhaps most important of all… because of the efficacy we could have at this moment if we unite… is how congress just came back from recess today to debate the unprecedented $4.5 trillion dollar “infrastructure” package.

America’s #1 News Network should investigate every line of that package to put as much pressure on Congress to vote NO.

It’s hard to conceptualize just how much money $3,500,000,000,000 is so naturally our minds would rather gravitate to the story of the possible murder of a beautiful young woman.

The package is enough money to give $10,200 to every man, woman, and child in the United States!

And yet the average American and really the average Senator (because NONE of them have read the bill) have a strong idea of what’s actually in the package!

CNN ran a story, “Five things you didn’t know were in the infrastructure bill,” which made me laugh because there are 1000s of things we don’t know are in the bill. Dear reader, if you don’t know what’s in it then don’t be so naive as to think it’s written for you.

This is our federal government operating at its most corrupt.

And yet this unprecedented package (no legislation has ever been this large) could pass the House and Senate on the most narrow partisan vote in American history (51/50 in the Senate and by a few votes in the House).

The bill is really just one big corrupt handout to wealthy Democrat donors: “green” corporations, Teachers Union + leftwing academia (90%+ of teachers are Democrats so the idea is to sit your kids in front of them longer with “free” Pre-K and “free” community college), big real estate companies and banks, cutting taxes for rich Democrats in blue states (SALT), and funding a “community violence intervention initiative,” which our incompetent federal government has ZERO BUSINESS micromanaging and for which is really just a cash giveaway to leftwing activists.

What happened to Gabby Petito was tragic and you’re free to be interested in her story, but now is the time for rational Americans to be extremely focused on stopping the Democratic Party’s massive federal power-grab at the Middle Class’s expense.

Over the last 100 years, as the federal government’s power has grown, the American Middle Class has shrunk.

Democrat politicians are trying to enrich and empower their wealthy do-gooder liberal donor class and why not?! They will get even more donations with some of our money they give to them and Democrat voters will feel these politicians are doing something good and vote them back into office even though to those of us who actually understand economics it’s clear that power matters more than paper and so taking more paper from the rich who they’ve simultaneously empowered via regulations/subsidies means these oligarchs can then just turn around and take even more paper from you in the form of higher prices. Trickle-down taxation.

And from a psychological perspective: if someone hands you a money printing press with virtually no accountability because they’re more focused on a missing persons story or the Emmys then, of course, you’re going to print a lot of the money with your own self-interest and lobbyists’ interests in mind, especially when your colleagues are doing the same and where as a politician you’re likely dishonest because the American electorate craves pixie dust and a fire show.

With an increase in the federal government’s power comes a decrease in America’s economic opportunity and sense of personal responsibility. You can therefore expect to see a lot more true crime stories to make headlines as subjugation begets subjugation.

If anything should be buried in a swamp it’s this inhumane infrastructure bill.

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