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A blog about improving your life through setting goals, forming good habits, taking on personal challenges through sharing my life journey.


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A blog about improving your life through setting goals, forming good habits, taking on personal challenges through sharing my life journey doing all-of-the-above.
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Street selfie mirror #rallywithgalli #dailyblogger @

11:30am: Woke Up, India House Hostel

12:30pm: Streetcar to Starbucks

1pm - 4pm: Wrote for Blog

4pm - 6:30pm: Coded/Social Media for Blog

I made a new Facebook Page. Please like and share. I made it because I'm going to buy Facebook ads for this blog and you need a Facebook page to do so. I'll spend $100 this month on ads. I'm hoping between that, word-of-mouth, SEO, and a new YouTube video I'll hit my monthly goal of 25 email subscribers.

7pm: Laundry, Work Out, Shower, India House Hostel

8pm: Fire Works on Riverwalk

9:30pm: Walked to Bars

Jack Kerouac was leading the pack. Irish Jane and I fell behind. She wanted to stop for Redbull.

We passed a white homeless man. She begged to go back and give him money because it's so sad. I tugged her along and said don't worry you can give money to the beggar at the next corner, but when we walked by him I asked why? Irish Jane gave a demonic laugh and said because he's black.

DISCLAIMER: She's not a racist just a comedian.

We then saw a black family in a white pickup truck. Some of them were missing teeth. Irish Jane walked up to them as they were waiting for the green light and said I was her brother. One of the large-sized lesbians asked Irish Jane to prove it by giving her a kiss (I don't know how that proves anything), but Jane accepted the challenge. Then Irish Jane continued to skip along.

Irish Jane pointed to the street mirror and asked to take a selfie. I relented, but I reminded her again we should try to catch up with the group.

When we caught up we saw Jack Kerouac making out on the corner. Irish Jane and I pretended to make out as we bumped into them. Jack laughed. I was like, "Sorry broo I thought this was the make out spot."

Then a guy walked up to us and asked, "Want some crack?" as he held out crack rocks. We politely declined. Then Jack offered, "Pralines?" The man politely declined, "Sorry I don't do sugar it's not good for you."

10:30pm: Drank at Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop

Irish Jane went around the bar asking for an iPhone 5 charger, which no one had. The rest of us sang Elvis along with the Pianist.

11pm - 12:30am: Drank at 30/90

12am - 1am: Drank at Another Bar

1:30am: Streetcar back to Hostel

2am: Ate Hot Pockets and socialized at India House Hostel

3:30am: Sleep

The aggressive english guy from last night brought back a new girl. He sleeps in the bed next to me. Come on, bro! Take it elsewhere. There are like 10 people in the room. I thought about deepening my voice and muttering from the darkness, "Hey son can Daddy get in there?" just to make it stop, but they were quiet and so instead I slipped on my sleep-mask, put in my ear plugs, and went to sleep.

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