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America is the greatest country in the world says George Washington!

Slavery, indian removal, child labor, sexism, internment camps, the Vietnam War, Watergate, etc…

The United States currently imprisons the most people, suffers from institutional racism, lags behind in education, and is trillions of dollars in debt!

How can anyone argue that America is great?

I’m listening to the national anthem as I weigh the pro's & con's so I maybe a little biased, but I find it inconceivable to argue that America isn’t the greatest country in all of human history!

The simple reason is this...

Humanity is more free, healthy, happy, safe, and rich than ever before. Fact.

Life expectancy of humanity is higher than ever because of the United States of America

And which country is most responsible for ushering in this unprecedented prosperity? You guessed it, the world's reigning superpower since the 1940's - the United States of America!

  1. America saved the world (three times).
  2. America is world war champs to be great

    We could have stayed home and played with the dogs, but instead we sent our best and brightest to fight oppression abroad in WW1, WW2, and the Cold War.

  3. America didn’t conquer the world (when we could have).
  4. another story about america's freedom and greatness

    After WW2 we had the nuke. The rest of the world barely had an army.

    If America was like England, Rome, or Mongolia at the peak of their power then we would have raped and pillaged the globe, but we didn’t!

  5. America spread capitalism and democracy.
  6. capitalism helps make america great

    democracy and the military help make america great

    As economic and political systems they're not perfect, but they're better than the alternatives - feudalism, fascism, communism, theocracy, monarchy, etc.

    This is because they give people the power to choose what they want and who they like.

  7. America keeps the peace.
  8. the united states of america's desire to keep the peace makes us the greatest

    If the United States disappeared today then nations like Russia and China would conquer their neighbors, terrorism would multiply, and overall the world would be less free and safe.

  9. America is the most generous.
  10. the american peace corps is the greatest

    Americans donate more money & time than any other nation.

    Our richest man, Bill Gates, is over in Africa curing Malaria. What the hell are the oil sheiks doing?

  11. America proves diversity works.
  12. america's diversity represents how great she is

    People flock here from oppression and for opportunity.

    Sometimes we shut the door on them, but overall we are called a "nation of immigrants" for a reason.

    Through our strength and inclusion we have shown the world that no one race is superior than another.

  13. America is the greatest innovator.
  14. the united states of america landed on the moon makes us great

    We invented air conditioning, the internet, slice bread, and put a man on the moon to name a few.

    If you want to argue this point you're better off googling, "What didn't America invent?"

And if that didn't convinced you, then...

if logic doesn't convince you of The United States greatness, 'merica that's why!

The United States isn't perfect.

We must always strive to be a "more perfect union", but never forget how lucky we are to be born in a world where the United States of America exists!

Now go forth my fellow patriots and spread freedom by sharing this post!

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