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A blog about improving your life through setting goals, forming good habits, taking on personal challenges through sharing my life journey doing all-of-the-above.
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MAR 5 - MAR 11

Chiang Mai, Thailand

sickness & health

Last week I got a canker sore in the back of my mouth. I occasionally get them from my retainer.

It hurt so much I could barely open my mouth wide enough to fit in a small sized banana.

Also, my left nostril has been especially dry. I'm guessing it has to do with the 1,000 foot elevation of Chiang Mai.

Besides my nose-picking urge, not too many complaints with the city.

Chiang Mai reminds me of an asian key west in the mountains.

It's laid back & touristy. After a quick google search I learned that the city sanitation system is having a hard time keeping up with the influx of tourists in recent years, which explains all the rats and roaches.

I sometimes eat my lunch on a nice bench overlooking the Chiang Mai moat. I can see rats scurrying around the edges.

If I stare into the moat water I can see like 50 fish surfacing to the top. I don’t know how they survive in there. I feel like if I fell in I would contract aids.

I’ll also do some brainstorming while sitting on the bench. This is where I wrote out my newest Facebook ad…

“You're dying. And while you lay on your deathbed, looking back on your life, what do you see? What did you accomplish? What adventures did you live? Death may seem distant. But as Buddha once said, “The problem is, we think we have time.” Sign Up for Live to Challenge if you wish to MAXIMIZE the little time you have left. Conquer challenges to SEIZE THE DAY!”

What do you think?

While writing it out I gained clarity on who the site is NOT FOR. The site is not for those who just wish to "live in the present". That might fly for some buddhist monk, but humans are unique in our ability to contemplate the distant future. I think it would be a smack in the face of our creator if we didn't use this gift to set goals.

Now while I'm deep in these profound world-changing thoughts, a red pickup truck with a billboard strapped to the back drives by blaring a radio announcement. The announcer strongly pronounces each syllable, "Tra-Di-Tion-Al Muay Thai Box-Ing To-Night!"

The promoters here are vigilant.

While sitting in a cafe they'll walk by and put a flyer on my table.

Reminds me of my ol' college days when student groups would promote some meet-and-greet, except now I’m getting flyers to witness two guys or gals bash each other’s faces in via the 8 points of contact (Muay Thai boxing is unique from traditional boxing in that they use 8 points of contact: fists, elbows, knees, shins).

I may have to go someday just so I can say I did, although fighting isn’t my thing, I like to consider myself a lover not a fighter.

P.S. Pic is of 1 temple of 300 buddhist temples in Chiang Mai 🙏 Buddha Buddha Buddha rockin everywhere!

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