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A blog about improving your life through setting goals, forming good habits, taking on personal challenges through sharing my life journey doing all-of-the-above.
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So far so good at the hostel. I love the freedom of working online and getting to go wherever I please. Life is an adventure and I love living it that way.

9:30am: Woke Up in India House Hostel

My hostel roommate was friendly. I had no interest in talking because I'm not much of a morning person. He asked if I was shy. I said, "No."

12pm: CC's Coffee

It was a loooong walk to get here. My original intention was to walk to the Starbucks next to the Super Dome, but I couldn't find it after 3 laps around the Super Dome so I gave up. I then walked to another Starbucks, but the wifi was down. The barista directed me to CC's across the street. The ladies at CC's had a lot of southern hospitality to make up for my disgruntled New York disposition.

5pm: Ate wings & fries at WeDat

I was walking back to the hostel and decided to eat at the first place that looked good. I hadn't eaten lunch. I loved this place because they had wifi and an outlet to charge my stuff. It was a fast casual dining experience, which is my favorite because I don't like to be waited on when I'm eating alone.

6pm: Walgreens

I had to get the essentials: peanut butter, nutella, bread, pop tarts, and shaving cream. The TSA took my shaving cream away because it posed a national security threat, but if I don't shave by the next time I go to the airport I'm sure I'll get the TSA full body treatment.

8pm: Pool

I tried to do some work by poolside. That failed. I jumped into the pool and took part in an intense water-gun fight. Take no prisoners! I thought out loud - should I keep one as protection on the streets? After all, it's the man that makes the gun.

After 2 hours in the pool, I learned there is nothing that brings people together more than swimming in each other's "booty juice" as one girl described it.

11pm: Did Work in the Lounge

I was asked if I wanted to go out, but I resisted the temptation. Work comes first. I'll go out either Friday or Saturday night.

My focus was on recreating I'm going to shift this blog back to that URL when it's ready and better than before. I'm doing this because of a shift in focus on the blog. This blog won't just be about my efforts as a "startup founder", but also as a "traveler", "entrepreneur" and "philosopher in the greco-roman tradition", too much?

1:30am: Sleep

After getting let back into my room because I had locked myself out, I got ready for bed and soundly fell asleep under my heavy blanket.

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