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A blog about improving your life through setting goals, forming good habits, taking on personal challenges through sharing my life journey doing all-of-the-above.
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1) June has been so much fun whether it was hanging out with my cousins in Miami or living in the hostel in New Orleans. I've met a lot of friends along the way that I hope to stay in contact with as I continue to travel. The more I travel the more I realize how small the world is.

2) Maybe I'm having too much fun? I haven't gotten as much work done as I would like, roughly 40 hours a week. For the most part my routine has been - wake up, do work at coffee shop, dinner, socialize.

3) If you thought New Orleans was a reflection of my entire life you'd think I was an alcoholic, but that couldn't be further from the truth. In college I drank on average once a week and since college I've drank like once a month, plus when I do drink it's usually less than my peers.

4) I'm spending a lot of money, but not as much as I thought. My goal is to keep my monthly cost below $1,500. The hostel costs $20 a night so besides that my biggest expense has been dinner. I buy cheap alcohol.

5) I started the blog this month and so far I'm enjoying the writing. The blog also gives my days greater meaning because I know you're enjoying them with me.

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11:30am: Woke Up, India House Hostel

12:15pm: Walked to Starbucks

1pm - 4pm: Blogged

4pm - 5:30pm: Programmed

6pm: Bought Po Boy Roast Beef Sandwich & Finished Game of Thrones

8pm - 12am: Drank at India House Hostel

We were playing the game Kings. I got the King card so I got to make a rule. My rule was that before you took a sip you had to salute and say, "God Bless America." Every foreigner was happily willing to do so. Only an american girl refused to do so because of her anti-americanism.

I choked on my beer a little.

12am - 2:30am: Drank at Beer Garden

The garden was only 4 blocks away. I had a good time bouncing amongst the different social groups who came.

In one corner I talked to Irish Jane. We got into a heated debate about political correctness. I said I found this one guy at the hostel weird. She said I can't say that because he has a disability, which I wasn't aware, but still doesn't change the fact he's weird.

I asked her if she found anyone weird. She said she found this one guy creepy and weird because he would stand too close to her. I pointed out that I heard he has PTSD so therefore she can't say that based upon her logic. People in my generation love to mince words and get offended on behalf of other groups. I believe if you're easily offended then you should be offended more.

On the walk back the anti-american girl with unshaved armpits was stumbling around. I saw this as my opportunity to pounce on her with my political wisdom. I hit her with the fact that the world is safer, healthier, more peaceful than ever before in human history. Not an opinion, but a fact. And this was because of America's role in spreading innovation, capitalism, and democracy. She was incapable of disagreeing. Score! USA - 1 and Haters - 0.

4am: Sleep

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