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A blog about improving your life through setting goals, forming good habits, taking on personal challenges through sharing my life journey doing all-of-the-above.
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In 48 hours these events transpired:

I decided, "F*ck it, I'm going to Bangkok", got my visa approved, bought a plane ticket, booked an AirBnb for the month, and was in the air flying from NY to Thailand.

Bangkok Thailand Visa Embassy

Keep in mind, before this stint I didn't even know how a visa worked (read on to see how this became a factor later on).

I got asked a lot, "Why Bangkok?"

No, it wasn't for the sex tourism, which I think a lot of locals assume since it's a big part of their economy.

It was because I wanted to go somewhere exotic, inexpensive, and friendly to digital nomads (aka people who work remotely).

Things I quickly learned upon landing...

1. No phone service, but at least I don't get a monthly phone bill or nonstop calls from Grandma.

2. There are a ton of "lady boys". I met a "straight" guy who likes "lady boys" and explained it to me as such, "lady boys are like women, but with a man's brain."

3. They drive on the wrong side of the road here. I don't just mean the left side because that's wrong in itself {wink face}, but sometimes the scooters drive on the opposite direction of a one-way road or they just drive on the sidewalk. Overall the traffic congestion here makes the L.I.E. look like an airport tarmac.

Bangkok Thailand Traffic

4. The homeless people here make the homeless in America look more fortunate than a Wheel of Fortune contestant who guesses all the correct letters for the jackpot spin. In all seriousness it's heart wrenching to see a grown man with no legs crawling on a dirty sidewalk with people passing him on all sides or a teenage girl holding a malnourished baby.

I lived in Bangkok for 3 months.

Overall this was my daily routine:

Go to 7-11. The girl at the counter would laugh because I always got the same two things - a banana and chocolate.

I would eat the banana as I walked to a local coffee shop.

I'd work on Live to Challenge until 1pm and then walk to the co-working space.

Bangkok Thailand Coworking Space Digital Nomad Remote Working

After dinner I'd either head back to my place or go back to the co-working space to do more work into the wee hours of the night.

When I first arrived to Bangkok I ate my usual American diet, but newly made friends pushed me to try the local street food, which was definitely tastier and easier on the wallet.

*Although the guy who sold me beef on a stick looked remarkably similar to a guy I saw picking out of trash hours later.

When I first arrived I saw a "Long Live the King" sign. I seriously thought it was referring to Elvis Presley.

I later learned it was referring to their royal king who was the longest reigning king to ever live and who passed away a month into my stay.

His face is all over the city. In the span of a mile you could probably catch his face plastered on 15 different billboards or portraits.

His face is also on every money denomination. And before every movie in the theaters a short biographical film comes on that you must stand for to pay your respects (and this was all before he died).

After he died the city was covered in white and black and everyone was expected to wear black for a month and all entertainment was expected to tone down.

Talking to my Thai peers, they didn't seem emotionally distraught by his passing, which if you watched the media you'd think everyone was on their hands and knees crying in the streets.

Bangkok Thailand King Death

*Interesting Fact: The Thai King was born in America, which therefore also makes him an American, which therefore means the longest reigning king in history was an American.

I designated at least one day of the week to explore and possibly party.

I partied on the infamous Khaoson Road.

Bangkok Thailand Nightlife

When we lost one of the girls we were partying with I decided to join the search party.

One of the women's bathroom stall’s were locked and no one was responding inside. I climbed to the top to peak over. There she was knocked out cold.

I told everyone to back away from the stall, “I’m a professional!”, but the bathroom attendant stopped me from kicking down the door.

They didn't know what to do because our yelling and knocking wasn't waking her up.

I dumped the flowers out of the bathroom vase, poured water into it, and then chucked it over the stall. That woke her up.

Upon trying to get home later in the evening, I saw the subway station was closed. I walked toward a cab, but there was no one inside.

The driver was sitting on a blanket taking shots. He insisted I join him and his lady friend.

I didn't want to be rude so I took a seat and we toasted to America and then to Thailand!

The night finally came to a close with me slowly & repeatedly telling a Thai gentlemen who insisted on paying for the cab, "We are just friends" and "NO you can not come home with me!"

With a 6 month tourist visa, which I have, you have to leave and reenter the country after 90 days… so I thought.

You actually have to leave after 60 days.

I learned this from Customs 10 minutes before my flight was set to take off!

She called over a Thai solider and as he was swaggering toward me I was replaying a scene from Batman Begins where Bruce Wayne is locked in an Asian prison fighting off gang members.

They hit me with a $400 fine.

I was definitely pissed at myself because that’s more than the cost of my monthly rent, but I was also grateful I didn’t have to use my combat skills in a prison yard scenario.

I also recognized that I’m a man of action, specifically trial-and-error, which can have the downside of getting me into a predicament, but the upside of getting me into an adventure.

Visit Bangkok Thailand

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