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MAY 7 - MAY 13

siem reap, cambodia digital nomad

I announced, “All hail the Queen” as I held the door open for my english friend to enter the grocery store.

On Monday we went to the Khmer Historical Museum.

My favorite part was learning about King Jayavarman VII or as I called him “King Jay”. Whenever I learn about great people I like to visualize what I would have done in their shoes. He was known for building hospitals and hostels throughout the Khmer empire as well as marrying his dead wife's sister (I don't think I would have done that).

We then got pizza at a small Italian restaurant where the staff stood by and watched us eat.

I slammed the table and went on a rant...

“This is what’s wrong with capitalism! How is it that there are 5 young people just standing here meanwhile there are children in nearby shanty towns who can’t get food? Wouldn’t it be better to have just one person serve us and then the other four people work the fields to put food in those children’s stomachs?!”

It is slow season here in Cambodia so everywhere we look there are young able bodied men just standing around. As I sit here and write this I can look out the window and see six men standing around their tuk tuks waiting for the next tourist to harass.

This is because of the concept of "value".

Under capitalism I have more "value" because I have more money.

Those children have zero "value" because they have no money.

I think to offset this I believe society needs to decide that every human being has an INHERENT VALUE.

How can we therefore reflect this inherent value in a capitalistic system? It is by providing a basic income!

This would mean those children and their parents would have a little cash in their pockets.

Where there is money there is a market.

Teachers, nurses, servers, tuk tuk drivers would move into the shanty towns to try and earn that money. This would increase job creation and the quality of life.

In my own work, I updated Live to Challenge to now render with an HTTPS address so that when you visit the site it is more secure.

Oh yea and I was also sexually assaulted this week.

I usually go to the grocery store at midnight and on my walk over people sometimes pull up to me in their motorbike and ask if I want... cocaine, heroin, weed, LSD, and meth.

While walking down that same street a ladyboy crossed over to my side. I immediately started shaking my head, no! She kept uttering "You no sexual!", "You no sexual!", and then grabbed my Anthony Jr. as she walked by me. I thought to myself, "I should have wore underwear today."

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