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A blog about improving your life through setting goals, forming good habits, taking on personal challenges through sharing my life journey.


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A blog about improving your life through setting goals, forming good habits, taking on personal challenges through sharing my life journey doing all-of-the-above.
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How I feel sometimes. #rallywithgalli #dailyblogpost @

11:30am: Woke Up, India House Hostel

12:30pm: Streetcar to CC Coffee

1pm - 3pm: Wrote for Blog

My cousin called. He asked me why it takes 2 to 3 hours to write each blog post. It's because there's a lot of moving parts - figuring out the metrics (i.e. productivity, steps, happiness), uploading image, figuring out timetable of day, then free writing whatever comes to mind. Then I edit that down to the best parts (most time consuming). I'll also reread it the following day when I have fresher eyes to make any after-the-fact adjustments.

3pm - 5pm: Coded/Social Media for Blog

Thanks for liking my Facebook page! I'm up to 54 likes, which is better than I thought. Please invite ALL of your friends who like adventure & entrepreneurship!

5pm: Walked Around Riverwalk

Took a picture of handless statue - I often feel like that when I attempt to code by repeatedly bashing my face against the keyboard.

6pm: Streetcar back to India House Hostel

6pm - 10pm: Programmed Interspersed with Socializing

I'd code in the living room. Accomplish something. Get up. Talk to the peeps. Do more work. Accomplish something. Get up, etc. It was easier to work in the living room today because the 180 people mostly left who were staying for the 4th of July weekend.

10pm: Walked to Gas Station for the Essentials, aka Beer & Chips

10:30pm - 1am: Drank & Hookah on Backyard Porch

I took a big puff and turned to Chris, "I feel like we met before." He said, "It feels like that when you like someone." We held hands (just kidding).

I wouldn't let it go though. I reversed engineered where we might have met. I like to say I'm excellent with faces but terrible with names, especially in those awkward situations where "Hi, You!" won't suffice. I refused to fail this test!

I asked, "You ever been to a frat party in the Maryland/Virginia area?", which is where he lives. He said yes. "Did you ever go to one with a front porch that people smoked on?" He said yes. You're probably thinking, "Wow Galli you're a regular Sherlock." But let me proceed damn it! I then went savant status: "Did you go 4 years ago and when you walked in there was a staircase on the left, living room to the right where they played video games after school, kitchen in the back where I think we talked, and a large fraternity portrait hanging on the wall?" He said, "Yes!"

There is an ol' saying, "You can make new friends, but you can't make new old friends". But in this case that's wrong!

1:30am: Uber to Frenchmen Street

2am - 3am: Drank & Ate Pizza While Listening to Live Band

I informed the French this is the best pizza ever! They said no, pizza in Italy is better. Well that's a mic drop.

I asked one of the French girls to tell me her life story in under 2 minutes as I timed her. That was fun!

3am: Uber back to Hostel

3:30am: Sleep

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