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A blog about improving your life through setting goals, forming good habits, taking on personal challenges through sharing my life journey doing all-of-the-above.
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A stroll through mid-city memphis #dailyblog @

11:40am: Woke Up, Pilgrim House Hostel

Unlike the India House Hostel there's no drinking allowed and you get a chore card. It's also cleaner, quieter, smaller, and sits above a church.

When it comes to "productivity" - environment is underrated. Environment can actively work to make you an alcoholic and social or healthy and productive.

Does your environment make you happy and help you hit your goals? If not, tweak it or get the hell out of there for the love of god!

When I walked into the kitchen there was free pulled pork sandwiches. There's no better way to start your stay in Memphis with some BBQ.

12:30pm: Walk to Otherlands Coffee Bar

While walking out of the hostel I ran into an Israeli friend I had met at the India House. We took a quick selfie and I sent it to Jack Kerouac.

1pm - 7:30pm: Worked on Blog

I made a Facebook Ad to get more blog subscribers. Costs $35. The ad starts with:

"I sold everything I own, paid off my debts, and now I live out of a suitcase trying to make my startup profitable before the end of the year (or else I run out of money!)"

8pm: Grocery Shopping

9pm: Ate a Salad & Played Chess in Pilgrim House Hostel

10pm: Drank Glass of Chardonnay at Bar DKDC

The bar was across the street from the hostel. We split a bottle three-ways and listened to live music outside. It was raining. I joked that America has the best rain in the world. When the Dutchman asked, "Why?" The Israeli girl, who knows me too well, stole my punchline, "Because it's America!"

12am: Drive-Thru at Checkers

I wanted to walk, but the Dutchman, Rains, wanted to take his rental car. That was a good idea because the area got sketchy just a few blocks away. Google said: "Memphis is the 6th most dangerous city in the country."

1am: Played Chess in Pilgrim House Hostel

Rains is a three-time tournament champion who hasn't lost in three years. I asked him where the little horsey piece goes. I'm obviously not very good, but I won against the Israeli girl earlier in the day so I felt unstoppable!

My strategy was simple - sacrifice my piece to get his piece. This would simplify the board by eliminating the number of choices we could make per turn. I got lucky early on by taking out his queen. Then when the board was barren I was able to trap him with my queen. Checkmate! I told him not to stress, "America always wins!"

It's also good to eliminate the number of choices you make per day so you can focus on the choices that really matter, for example I eat a peanut butter and (nutella or jelly) sandwich and granola bar everyday for lunch so I have more time to focus on this blog.

3am: Sleep

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