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A blog about improving your life through setting goals, forming good habits, taking on personal challenges through sharing my life journey.


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A blog about improving your life through setting goals, forming good habits, taking on personal challenges through sharing my life journey doing all-of-the-above.
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Bad Attitude Quote.

Hi Sexy Beast,

I think you'll appreciate these 7 thoughts swirling around my head this week:

1. I need to "sell" more! I don't like the idea, but here's how I choose to rationalize it: Do I think my business Live to Challenge will improve people's lives? Yes. Then therefore I would be doing you a disservice by not trying to get you to use it!

2. I need to "promote" more and "create" less. Some marketers claim you should allocate your time as 80% promotion and 20% creation, aka 80/20 rule. I have it flipped.

3. I watched a reality T.V. series on YouTube called, Whatever it Takes. After watching it I felt a boost in self-esteem because I thought, "Wow if these guys can become successful than so can I." {I talk more about it in my article: How I Overcame Self-Doubt to Have an Extraordinarily Productive Day}

4. I need to "bunch" more. This is where I do a bunch of the same tasks at the same time such as writing articles or filming. So instead of filming a video once a week to post. I film 3 videos at one-time and post one a week. This will give me a greater sense of momentum.

5. My "space" has increased as I've gotten older, "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response." I think my reactionary friends can use meditation to increase that cognitive space.

6. I think it's our OBLIGATION, RESPONSIBILITY, DUTY as human beings to set goals and it's my goal to get more people to see that. Humans are unique in our ability to contemplate the distance future. This is our superpower. And by us not choosing to channel it in a productive way is like Superman choosing to use his xray vision to only see through women's panties.

7. "Who am I?" I struggle with how to present Anthony Galli through the camera? Should I be serious or funny, conversational or preachy, humble or certain, intellectual or emotional, understanding or controversial? I'm all of these things depending on the context, but with a camera I must make a conscious choice. I haven't figured it out yet, but I hope the more I practice the more clear it'll become.

This was my last full week in Kuala Lumpur, Malayasia. I fly to Chiang Mai, Thailand next week. I'll be there for 2 months. You're welcome to come visit!

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Mucho Gracias,


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