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A blog about improving your life through setting goals, forming good habits, taking on personal challenges through sharing my life journey doing all-of-the-above.
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We came out of the womb naked and afraid, wishing for nothing more than milk and love.

We are natural born minimalists!

But as we got older our demands got more extravagant - we wanted the coolest kicks, the graphic tees, the computer, the car, etc...

But as of 6 years ago when I started reading minimalist blogs, I became a born-again minimalist.

In college I had the barest room with a few fake plants and framed posters.

After college I bought a 21 foot RV, which also minimized my ability to own a lot of stuff.

Today I live out of a suitcase, which makes it easy to live with 100 things (90 as of this moment). Here is everything I own:

• 9 socks
• 4 underwear
• 4 gym
• 3 bags
• 2 belts
• 1 wallet
• 1 passport
• 2 pants
• 1 polo
• 2 dress shirts
• 3 t-shirts
• 1 long sleeve
• 1 shorts
• 1 towel
• 1 armband
• 1 stack of change
• 6 office supplies
• 1 action figure
• 1 sleep mask
• 1 set of ear plugs
• 1 pepper spray
• 1 bottle opener
• 1 Mac computer
• 1 Mac charger
• 1 Kindle
• 1 Kindle charger
• 1 earbuds
• 1 Fitbit
• 1 Fitbit charger
• 1 pen
• 1 iPhone
• 1 iPhone charger
• 1 lock
• 1 shampoo
• 1 body wash
• 1 mouth wash
• 1 floss
• 1 detergent
• 1 scrub
• 1 comb
• 1 retainer
• 1 nail clipper
• 1 tooth brush
• 1 toothpaste
• 1 gel
• 1 shaver
• 1 hair clipper
• 1 hair clipper accessories
• 1 scissor
• 1 toilet paper
• 1 deodorant
• 1 camera
• 1 camera accessories
• 1 camera charger
• 1 camera mic
• 1 camera light
• 2 camera tripod
• 1 running shoes
• 1 casual dress shoes
• 1 sandals

Minimalism Quote

What you own reveals a lot about who you are. It's a direct signal of what you value most.

What do your things say about you? If someone walked into your house would they think you're disciplined, organized, caring, loving, happy, focused, smart, adventurous, etc?


1. Ultimately there is a subjective nature to this challenge when deciding what counts as a "thing". Do you count each piece of paper you own or all your paper as one? Choose whatever works for you!

2. If you live in a big home with a lot of family members - only count your personal possessions.

3. Box all your stuff, then take 1 thing out that you use. And then after a set period of time you get rid of what is still in boxes.

4. Whenever you buy something new, throw something out.

5. Read minimalist blogs

6. I put everything I own in a pile. Organized it and then started tallying off each thing I own, coming out to 90 things.


Focus on What Matters: Ultimately minimalism is not about owning 100 things or less. It's about only owning those things that bring you joy (or are necessary). "Possessions = Stress"

More Time: When you aren't spending a ton of time packing and cleaning you have more time to do the things you really enjoy. And happiness research is clear that people derive more satisfaction from spending money on experiences.

More Freedom (risk taking): When you have more stuff, you have more expenses, which means you are more dependent upon the income from your job.

Give this challenge a try or start your own minimalist challenge by clicking here:

Start 100 Things Challenge

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