Conquering life and goal challenges so we can get the most out of life.
BY 1,000%

My mission is to improve your life by 1,000%.



It'll be hard, but I haven't been this excited since I drove by cheerleaders washing cars.

my personal mission statement makes me excited.

I think striving for a 1,000% improvement is better than 0% and it's better than "perfect". If you strive for "perfect" or "optimal" you just end up driving yourself crazy.

Now let's be clear - I'm not disguising myself as an Indian Guru or Buddhist Monk or Billionaire Entrepreneur.

Galli as a Guru

This is not a cock fight or gladiator match to see who is the most personally developed person in the room.

I'm just sharing what I've learned the last 9 years studying personal development and how it has helped me be 1,000% better than the path someone like me (given my history) would have normally gone down.

how to make blogging everyday a habit sitting in good blogging spot

I want to help you become 1,000% better because a better you makes for a better world for us.

The next 10 weekly articles will be about each of the 10 keystone habits. Subscribe so you don't miss one!

Consider this the 101 course for personal development, which will serve as a fantastic starting point or a nice refresher.


1. Write 500 Words
2. Walk 10,000 Steps
3. Read 20 min
4. Exercise 20 min
5. Stretch
6. 90 Sec Rule for Complaining
7. Meditate 20 min
8. Eat a Fruit & Vegetable
9. Review Goals
10. Do a Random Act of Kindness

If you're ever in a rut these are the fundamentals to get your life back on track!

I think you can predict a person's success & well-being by how many of these habits a person consistently does.

"Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development." - Jim Rohn

Top performers regularly do seven to ten of these habits, such as, George Washington, Charles Darwin, Bill Gates, Tony Robbins, and Tim Ferris.


How many of these keystone habits do you do every day? Comment Here.


My mission control will be in Bangkok, Thailand! I fly out of NY tomorrow. I'll be there for 5 months.

Life expectancy of humanity is higher than ever because of the United States of America

Slavery, indian removal, child labor, sexism, internment camps, the Vietnam War, Watergate, etc…

The United States currently imprisons the most people, suffers from institutional racism, lags behind in education, and is trillions of dollars in debt!

How can anyone argue that America is great?

I’m listening to the national anthem as I weigh the pro's & con's so I maybe a little biased, but I find it inconceivable to argue that America isn’t the greatest country in all of human history!

The simple reason is this...

Humanity is more free, healthy, happy, safe, and rich than ever before. Fact.

Life expectancy of humanity is higher than ever because of the United States of America

And which country is most responsible for ushering in this unprecedented prosperity? You guessed it, the world's reigning superpower since the 1940's - the United States of America!

  1. America saved the world (three times).
  2. We could have stayed home and played with the dogs, but instead we sent our best and brightest to fight oppression abroad in WW1, WW2, and the Cold War.

  3. America didn’t conquer the world (when we could have).
  4. After WW2 we had the nuke. The rest of the world barely had an army.

    If America was like England, Rome, or Mongolia at the peak of their power then we would have raped and pillaged the globe, but we didn’t!

  5. America spread capitalism and democracy.
  6. As economic and political systems they're not perfect, but they're better than the alternatives - feudalism, fascism, communism, theocracy, monarchy, etc.

    This is because they give people the power to choose what they want and who they like.

  7. America keeps the peace.
  8. If the United States disappeared today then nations like Russia and China would conquer their neighbors, terrorism would multiply, and overall the world would be less free and safe.

  9. America is the most generous.
  10. Americans donate more money & time than any other nation.

    Our richest man, Bill Gates, is over in Africa curing Malaria. What the hell are the oil sheiks doing?

  11. America proves diversity works.
  12. People flock here from oppression and for opportunity.

    Sometimes we shut the door on them, but overall we are called a "nation of immigrants" for a reason.

    Through our strength and inclusion we have shown the world that no one race is superior than another.

  13. America is the greatest innovator.
  14. We invented air conditioning, the internet, slice bread, and put a man on the moon to name a few.

    If you want to argue this point you're better off googling, "What didn't America invent?"

And if that didn't convinced you, then...

The United States isn't perfect.

We must always strive to be a "more perfect union", but never forget how lucky we are to be born in a world where the United States of America exists!

Now go forth my fellow patriots and spread freedom by sharing this post!

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I went to Delanie’s coffee shop. It was cool, but not actually because a fat guy sat in front of the A.C.

He later joked with a friend,

“If Trump gets elected president it will be the first time a black family vacates public housing to a billionaire.”

I went on Instagram to follow interesting people who posted pics under #digitalnomad. This is part of my social media strategy.

With that said, I believe in quality over quantity.

I see a lot of instagramer’s who have like 5,000 followers, but are following 20,000 people, which means they are following anyone with a pulse so that he or she follows them back.

I also see people who follow me. I follow them back. And then the next day they unfollow me so they can keep their ratio balanced.

They're not actually interested in people.


What’s your social media strategy? Comment Here.

I’m interested in connecting with people who are interested in travel, entrepreneurship, and self-improvement.


I walked around with pizza in one hand and my camera in the other.

My cousin texted me this video:

I’m not sure why. Maybe she’s saying in a not-so-subtle way that if Live to Challenge doesn’t work out I could always strip?


I filmed myself in the living room of the AirBnb house. I don’t know if I’ll ever use the video, but it was good practice.

I’m going to film more and more because it’s the greatest way to reach people.


STEPS: 9,500
HAPPY: 5/7


Started the day with a good laugh:

I then waited for the bus.

I love the hilliness of Pittsburgh. I’m used to the flat land of Long Island, NY.


I then walked to Starbucks. This one had good reviews. It was in a beautiful, modern square.

I created a new Instagram account for Live to Challenge. I’ll primarily use it to upload before & after screenshots of website updates.


I walked around taking photos, “No kid, I’m not a professional photographer!”

I walked to Arby’s. I bought a snack as an excuse to use their wifi. With 5 tables open, a guy decided to sit at the same table as me. I immediately put in my headphones.

I a took bus back to the AirBnb house.


I made beans and went on Instagram to unfollow anyone who has unfollowed me. I tried not to take it personally.

Maybe my gorgeous travel photos are not for those bastards! I made the effort of clearing the weeds so it’s easier to water the flowers.

One of my fellow AirBnb guests came into the living room.

He was the chatty sort. At first I was resistant because I wanted to get work done and I usually don’t like when someone comes on too strong, but after I learned he worked in tech I was interested.

I had to ask, “Why do you talk so much?”


What personality traits of your’s stand out? Comment Here.

He gave me a beer and said that his wife says, “It’s because I need to say a certain amount of words each day.”

He told me how Pittsburgh is transitioning from Steel City to a “Tech Hub”.

He said the locals he met were happy putting lug nuts onto cars and a quote he tells his kids is that you don’t, “Yuck someone else’s Yum”.

Overall we agreed the transition is a good thing because tech jobs requires you to utilize more of your intelligence.

I’m not putting down hard working Americans. They literally built this country and made the transition possible. President John Adams supported the idea of work evolution:

“I must study Politicks and War that my sons may have liberty to study Mathematicks and Philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematicks and philosophy, geography, natural history, naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, musick, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelaine.”


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I yelled, “Here I come world!” as I jumped out of bed.

Said me never.


I walked shirtless in the hot midday sun.

After walking 30 minutes I found myself in the ghetto.

I thought to myself, “How can I blend in?”

I put my camera away. I then remembered one of my many black friends telling me, “Don’t make eye contact”.

I accidentally made eye contact with a guy who had a tear mark tattooed under his eye.

I put my hand in my pocket to grab my mace just in case.

I was safe.

When I got to the coffee shop there was 5 cop cars parked in front.


A friend texted me to say the notifications weren’t working with Live to Challenge. I immediately corrected it.

I also changed the notifications symbol from a gold circle to a gold bell to further clarify what it stands for:

I took a break to watch this video. It signifies clearly what I’m trying to do with this blog:

I instantly tweeted him for advice:

Based on his staffer's tweet I'm trying this new daily log format. It’s less “factual” and hopefully more conducive for showing my raw manly emotions.


What blog post format do you prefer - this one or yesterday? Please comment on Facebook.


I’ve been robbed enough in my life so I decided to take a bus back to the house.

The driver said it costs $2.50, but they don’t give change back. I only had a $10. He let me on for free (no sexual favors were performed).

On the bus I finished listening to the Tim Ferris podcast with Tony Robbins. THIS IS A MUST-LISTEN.

Tony Robbins has a 90 second rule where he doesn't let himself be negative for more than 90 seconds - “trade expectation for appreciation”.

He doesn’t just talk the talk he walks the walk.

He recently got a phone call from a doctor saying he had 126% of metal in his blood stream, prior to that the most the doctor ever saw was 76%.

If the doctor didn’t catch it, Tony Robbins would have been dead at the end of the year.

What’s amazing is that despite the extreme physical agony he was in he was able to stay positive. I want to be one of the greatest people of all time, but Anthony Robbins is giving me a run for my money on just being the greatest Anthony of all time.


I had beans and leftover pizza for dinner.

I’m going to eat a lot more beans because it’s suppose to help you live longer. Beans pack a bigger protein punch than meat as well as a bigger you-know-what.


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Wake Up @ 12pm | Slept 9 Hrs

Write in Bed

Bought a Pizza Slice at Presti’s

Walk to Train Station

Goodbye, Little Italy!

After waiting 20 minutes for the train a guy came upstairs to tell us that the train won’t be running today. F.M.L.

Work at Starbucks

Publish Blog Post

Plan Future of Blog Posts

I put a lot of thought into changing the format from “daily logs” to “top 5 daily highlights”.

I ultimately decided against it (for the time being) because after I wrote out the blog post it was too much about my thoughts instead of my actions.

Dale Dye on Being a Selfless Warrior

The interview helped me better understand older men. They tend to hide their emotions more. I’m the same way. I think it’s rooted in military culture. Vulnerability was dangerous on the battlefield.

If you show fear then you can’t properly perform your duty. But in civilian life hiding your emotions can eat away at your happiness and spirit, that’s deadly too!

A guy walked in wearing a t-shirt that says “I need a 6 month vacation twice a year”.

It's funny, but it made me think. I do a lot of thinking! And I thought that one of the good things about my generation is that we rather take less money to work more full-filling jobs. I don't want to live for the weekend.

Bus to Downtown, Cleveland

Walk Around

Work at Arby’s

Plan Future of Blog Posts

Coding for New Live to Challenge Feature

Walk Around & Make Phone Call

Bus to Pittsburgh

While waiting to board the bus, a belligerent drunk behind me kept yelling into the phone, “I want my truck!”, “What drugs are you on?!” "I'm going back to prison!"

I thought, “God, please don’t let this man sit next to me.”

While on the bus I continued to “plan” by staring out the window, listening to the same song on repeat, and thinking about why “daily logs” aren't working.

Walk Around

Uber to Airbnb

Sleep @ 3am

STEPS: 10,700
HAPPY: 5/7

Wake Up @ 11am | Slept 6 Hrs

Write in Bed @ 11am - 12pm

I set an alarm. I've been going to sleep at 5am for too long. I like the quietness of the night, but it's too impractical because everything closes at 10pm.

Walk Across Street to Presti’s Coffee Shop

Plan Target Market & Marketing Strategy @ 12pm - 4pm

I clarified my mission statement, target market, target market’s hobbies and role models. I thought about hashtags and different ways to market the brand. I thought about what this blog is not to help me better understand what it is.

Go to Museum of Contemporary Art

Maybe I'm not sophisticated enough, but I think the term "art" is thrown around too loosely.

Go to Chipotle

Plan on Park Bench @ 7pm - 8pm

Plan & Update Instagram in Panera @ 8pm - 9pm

I improved my Instagram strategy. I decided I’ll categorize each photo on my account, for example ARTICLE56PIC5 is the next photo in this post. Organization is clarity!

Run 2 Miles on University Track

When it rains it pours. I got caught running in the rain. People were cheering me on as I ran back to the apartment. I kept telling myself, "I can do this! I can do this!"

Pack Stuff

It’s amazing how even on a short stay you can accumulate so much junk. One of the benefits of moving from place to place is it forces you to stay tidy and organized.

Watch documentary The Last Man on the Moon

He was portrayed as a passive participant in his own destiny. He didn't understand why out of everyone he was so lucky. He wrote his daughter's initials on the moon before coming back home.

Write @ 1am - 3am

Sleep @ 3am

STEPS: 11,500
HAPPY: 5/7

Wake Up @ 1pm | Slept 8 Hrs

Write in Bed @ 1pm - 3pm

Walk to Roasted Coffee Shop

Code for Blog & Startup @ 4pm - 8pm

It reads, "Please for the love of god do not flush this toilet!" If I get 100 subscribers I'll do it!

Walk Around and Take Pictures

Walk to La Pizzeria

Read on Balcony

I got the same slices and ate in the same spot as yesterday while I read. I like consistency despite constantly being on the move.

We have a limited amount of willpower each day so I try not to spend too much energy on short-term decisions.

Code & Brainstorm @ 10pm - 11pm

Run 5 Miles on University Track

While running I listened to the “Fountain of Youth" episode from the TedTalk Podcast.

My favorite lessons:

  • The societies with the longest living people eat a lot of beans!
  • Those same societies also do a lot of walking and revere their elders.
  • Scientists took worms, which had an average life expectancy of 18 days, and through genetic engineering got them to live in good health until 456. They are seeing similar results with flies and mice.
  • Scientists believe Parkinson Disease will be cured in the next 5 years and age-related diseases like Alzheimer's in 25 years.
  • What if you could reduce your baby's chances of illness pre-birth by checking a box on a piece of paper? What if further down that page you could also check a box for such things as, good looks, high intelligence, fast runner, etc? Well in the next 100 years, for better or worse, those genetics might be options.

Write @ 1am - 4am

Sleep @ 5am

STEPS: 12,800
HAPPY: 4/7

Wake Up @ 1pm | Slept 8 Hrs

Oatmeal x2
Green Tea
PB & Nutella Sandwich
2 Slices of Pizza
Bedtime Tea

Blog Work in Bed

Walk Across Street to Coffee Shop

Blog Work @ 3pm - 7pm

I created the option where you can subscribe to the "daily logs" and/or "special edition" posts.

This will give subscribers more flexibility and give me a better understanding of which type you guys prefer.

Walk to La Pizzeria


Brought pizza back to Airbnb to eat on balcony.

I finished the book, Smarter, Better, Faster. Here are some of my favorite passages:

"Motivation is more like a skill, akin to reading or writing, that can be learned and honed."

"When people believe they are in control, they tend to work harder and push themselves more."

"Narrate your life, as you are living it, and you'll encode those experiences deeper in your brain."

"If you need to improve your focus and learn to avoid distractions, take a moment to visualize, with as much detail as possible, what you are about to do."

"Creative desperation can be critical; anxiety is what often pushes us to see old ideas in new ways."

"Self-motivation becomes easier when we see our choices as affirmations of our deeper values and goals."

Walk to Laundromat

Startup Work @ 9pm - 10pm

Run 4.2 Miles on Track

Watched the Ending of Documentary (Dis)Honesty

A lie here and there will diminish your sense of guilt associated with lying, which can become a big problem because you'll eventually lose the ability to associate what's real and what's not, what's right and what's wrong.

You'll know it's a lie in your head, but it'll become harder for your heart to let go as the story becomes a part of your identity.

This blog is built on honesty.

Blog Work @ 12am - 3am

I changed the main image. I wanted simple and mobile-friendly.

The old version was cluttered:

I tried different clothes and poses for my photo shoot. I was going to go nude as a metaphor for feeling "exposed" on this blog, but I thought better of it, and settled on a pose where I look like I'm holding up the page header:

The final version:

Sleep @ 5am

STEPS: 8,500
HAPPY: 5/7

Wake Up @ 1pm | Slept 8 Hrs

PB & Nutella Sandwich
Subway Sandwich
Bedtime Tea

Blog Work in Bed

I rarely feel like jumping out of bed.

I prefer to reach over and grab my Kindle, iPhone, or in today's case my Mac to finish writing the daily blog post.

Read on Train to Downtown

Walk to Erie Island Coffee Shop

Startup Work @ 3pm - 6pm

While coding I listened to one of my favorite bands, The Killers. This video chokes me up:

Walk to Chase Bank & Subway

Walk to Jack Casino

$60 Buy-In to Poker Tournament @ 7pm - 8pm

I played tight, but it just takes one hand to loose it all. I thought the guy next to me was bluffing when he bet big because he had "checked" post-flop.

He wasn't bluffing.

Read in the Public Square

Mr. Cleveland is the statue in the background watching over the children:

While reading next to Mr. Cleveland, a girl who works in the casino started talking to me. She doesn't go to male strip clubs anymore because a crab flew into her friend's eye.

Read on Train to Little Italy

Watched Beginning of Documentary (Dis)Honesty


Blog Work @ 12am - 3am

Sleep @ 5am

STEPS: 15,700
HAPPY: 4/7

Wake Up @ 1pm | Slept 8 Hrs

Granola Bar x2
Peanut Butter & Nutella
Personal Pizza
Bedtime Tea

Blog Work @ 2pm - 3pm

Read on Train to Downtown

Walk & Talk on Way to Erie Island Coffee Shop

Fire on my command boys!

Startup Work @ 4pm - 8pm

There were two separate occasions where I did a little dance in my seat because I solved a big coding problem.

Walk to Pizza Flat

Getting fancy, Cleveland?

I tried to take a photo underneath the chandelier, but a car honked at me.

Startup Work @ 9pm - 11pm

Read on Train to Little Italy

I lost my train ticket! I had to buy another one for $5 :/

Watch YouTube & Netflix

When he came to America they said he could never be an actor. He was too big and his accent too funny, but then the Terminator was born. Without his unrelenting confidence he would never have left his family farm.


Blog Work @ 2am - 4am

Sleep @ 5am

STEPS: 9,300
HAPPY: 4/7

Green Tea
Cappuccino Brownie
Granola Bar x2
Peanut Butter & Nutella
Thai Chicken Wrap
Green Smoothie
Garden Salsa Chips
Bedtime Tea

Wake Up @ 1pm | Slept 8 Hrs

Get Ready

Blog Work @ 2pm - 4pm

Walk Across Street to Coffee Shop

Startup Work @ 4pm - 7pm

I had a miserable time. After 3 hours of banging my face against the keyboard I was at the same point as before.

I needed to get up and go to reset my mind.

Talk to Friend

We talked about Live to Challenge and his goals. He suggested a lot of great "5.0+" ideas.

I write down any good ideas I think of or hear and save it under "4.0" or "5.0+". Live to Challenge "4.0" will be out next month, but to accomplish everything on "5.0+" will require a team of programmers.

Walk to Tropical Smoothie

Startup Work @ 8pm - 10pm

Walk to Airbnb


Watch YouTube

After 60,000 interviews and 81 years on this earth he learned that "All women are nuts!" And attributes much of his success to "curiosity". Like me he wants to live forever!


Play with Camera

My camera is my sword. I must learn the ways of the ancient samurai.


Blog Work @ 1am - 4am

Get Ready for Bed

Brainstorm & Read in Bed

Sleep @ 5am

STEPS: 12,000
HAPPY: 4/7

Peanut Butter & Nutella
Granola Bar x2
Bedtime Tea

Wake Up @ 1pm | Slept 8 Hrs

Get Ready

Blog Work @ 2pm - 3pm

I finished a special edition post, Step into the Fear! I love it and will be rereading it whenever I need to overcome a silly fear.

Walk to Starbucks

I didn't see the car coming:

Startup Work @ 4pm - 8pm

Walk to Chipotle

At first I walked to a pizzeria. Here's an example of me "stepping into my fear":

The waitress got me a water. I looked at the menu. And then left after apologizing to the waitress. I hate to disappoint, but it was way too expensive and fancy for a pizzeria. If I let my "fear win" I would have ordered and sulked over the cost.

Blog Work @ 8pm - 10pm

I played with multiple daily log formats. How do you like this version where it's less of a timeline and more of a rundown?

Walk to Airbnb

Where I've been staying in Little Italy, Cleveland:




Watch YouTube @ 11pm - 12am

I love these guys because they constantly step into their fear for our amusement:

Blog Work @ 12am - 4am

I took some time to respond to emails. One had the subject line "Honest Feedback" from an anonymous source:

"No one is looking to you for inspiration or motivation. You're a recent college graduate who hasn't done anything significant in your adult life yet."

I haven't done anything significant, but I have done a lot which can serve as inspiration and so have you! More people should share their stories and truths - let's elevate our conversations!

"Nobody needs a list of how to be good at reading or stretching. And nobody cares about what kind of sandwich you ate at 2:40 PM on a Thursday."

The 3,700 people who watched the reading video would disagree. One of the reasons I share the day-to-day is because I believe, "It's the journey that matters in the end".

"There are thousands of travel blogs and goal setting programs that are created by people who are frankly far more qualified and effective than you."

He is right... for now. But he did compliment me by saying he admired my determination, but the nicest compliment he gave was by taking the time to email me in the first place.

I called a best friend, Claude. He had feedback for me too:

"Don't let your life revolve around the blog. Let your blog revolve around your life."

He also said that people don't care about reading day-to-day dairies because they're too busy. He maybe right, but only time will tell whose hypothesis is correct!

Get Ready for Bed

Brainstorm & Read in Bed

Sleep @ 5am

Solid reminders to have before you walk out the house each day #airbnb #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #rallywithgalli #dailyblog @

Step into the fear.

Let fear guide you.

It's usually the thing we fear doing the most that we must do.

"Everything you want is on the other side of fear."

If you know it's "right" then act!

We all fear.

Courage is not a lack of fear, but despite the fear.

I was afraid to "run for political office", "live in an RV", "build a startup", "share my life on this blog", "express myself on a YouTube channel", etc.

But I DECIDED, "Fuck it! We'll do it live!"

I did those things despite the fear because they aligned with my goals and values.

"We regret the things we didn't do than the things we did do."

I regret, so to speak, not approaching that girl I had a crush on in high school, or not joining the volleyball team because I didn't know anyone on it. I knew that those things were "right" for me, but I let fear stop me.

Let fear guide you!

"Live life on the edge of your comfort zone!"

Actively do things you're afraid of on a regular basis to build your comfort zone & confidence.

For example...

  • Go streaking!
  • Lay on the floor in the middle of Starbucks
  • Go out alone to a bar/club
  • Go camping alone in the woods
  • Sing at the top of your lungs on the way to work

Freedom is when you don't let fear control you.

I regularly fear my startup failing, but I won't obsess over the negative by redirecting my thoughts to the positive. Optimism makes me feel better and work harder.

Solid reminders to have before you walk out the house each day #airbnb #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #rallywithgalli #dailyblog @

Be the captain of your own ship, moving toward your goals, in alignment with your values, even when the winds are strong, the ocean is rough, and there are sharks at bay (okay maybe in that case get the f*ck out of there).

Solid reminders to have before you walk out the house each day #airbnb #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #rallywithgalli #dailyblog @

But conquering your fear makes for a better story!

STEPS: 13,700
HAPPY: 5/7

1pm: Woke Up After 8 Hrs Sleep @ Airbnb

This is the block I'm staying on:

3pm: Practiced Filming @ Airbnb

4pm: Blog Work @ Rising Star Coffee

8pm: Blog Work & Ate at Rascal House Pizza

10pm: Took Pictures on Walk Back to Airbnb.

Sh*t I missed the convention! My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail :/

What's your purpose? I think the best way to find out is to do. Don't just think. Do. Explore. Learn.

11pm: Ran 5 Miles @ Case Western University Track

12am: Showered & Ate Salad @ Airbnb

1am: Blog Work @ Airbnb

I wrote tomorrow's blog post today so that I can spend more time working on Live to Challenge tomorrow. I felt focused even at this late hour.

2am: Updating Tools (Camera, Phone, Computer) @ Airbnb

My computer memory was nearly full. I also updated my iPhone and downloaded software for my camera. A clean start for a new month!

3am: Lights Out, Planned & Read @ Airbnb

5am: Sleep @ Airbnb

MONEY: -$3,800

1) I didn't achieve my goal of getting 25 blog subscribers :(. I'm at 16. Subscribe to make me :). With that said, I'm not giving up on the blog. I'm committed to doing 100 posts and then I'll reevaluate.

2) I'm productive while working, but I'm not putting in enough hours. To get more done I need to code in the beginning of the day (when my willpower is highest) & write, film, edit, promote, plan, etc in the evening (since those things come easier for me).

3) I slacked off exercising. I've been walking so much that I felt like I did enough each day, but I should try to get a long run in at least once a week and a few pushups, tricep dips, etc to keep my arms dangerously seductive.

4) I checked social media way too much for validation. I feel better already after removing notifications from my phone and computer.

5) My costs may seem like a lot, but I paid off the rest of my college debt and I bought a $700 camera. Without those expenses my day-to-day expenses are more like $1,800 for the month, which considering how much I traveled I would say is not too shabby. I will cut it down further by not eating out as much.

STEPS: 16,600
HAPPY: 4/7

1pm: Woke Up After 8 Hrs Sleep @ Airbnb

3pm: Blog Work @ Starbucks

6pm: Uber to Target

I returned the GoPro and got the Canon RebelT5i. This will take my YouTube channel to the next level. No excuses!

8pm: Ate at McDonalds

9pm: Took Pictures While Walking to Airbnb.

11pm: Finished Watching Tony Robbins: I'm Not Your Guru @ Airbnb

12am: Watched Batkid Begins @ Airbnb

3am: Practiced Filming @ Airbnb

It's uncomfortable filming with another person in the other room. I sucked it up though because my first video will probably be about, "stepping into your fear."

5am: Sleep @ Airbnb

STEPS: 20,400
HAPPY: 4/7

1pm: Woke Up After 9 Hrs Sleep @ Airbnb

2pm: Blog Work @ Rising Star Coffee

I decided to leave the coffee shop early to go buy a camera. I want to take my YouTube channel to the next level!

I'm afraid of being more vulnerable, but I need to let the fear guide me if I'm going to become the person I'm meant to be.

5pm: Walked to Walmart/Target

I decided to walk an hour and a half to Walmart. I immediately regretted my decision as soon as it started to rain.

I then walked down a dead-end street. Two rabbi's appeared out of no where. They told me their is a hole in the fence at the other end.

NOTE TO SELF: Never listen to Rabbi's.

Because after squeezing through the hole. I looked up to see that Walmart was surrounded by a moat (created by the recent rain) and a high wall (apparently the modern-day castle)! I kept yelling to myself, "What the fuck!" as I did high knees through the thick grass.

To add sh*t to the stick they didn't have what I wanted.

I then walked 25 minutes to Target. I bought a GoPro! Success. But then when I was eating across the street at McDonalds I saw that the guy gave me the wrong memory chip.

I ran back to Target because google maps said they closed 15 minutes ago. I snuck in. Did the exchange and left.

10pm: Uber to Airbnb

12am: Talked with Roommate

11pm: Familiarize Self with GoPro

I'm going to return it. It's not what I needed after-all.

1am: Watch Tony Robbins: I'm Not Your Guru @ Airbnb

I got Netflix (free month trial) just to watch this documentary. He is one of the greatest human beings... ever.

2am: Shower @ Airbnb

3am: Blog Work @ Airbnb

5am: Sleep @ Airbnb

STEPS: 9,100
HAPPY: 3/7

12pm: Woke Up After 6 Hrs Sleep @ Airbnb

I was lucky with my stay because I was suppose to get the "shared" room, but she gave me the private one for the same price.

In the morning she greeted me with a big smile even though I was running late. I set my alarm to wake me at 11:55am, which I thought would give me plenty of time for 12pm checkout.

1pm: Blog Work @ Collective Espresso

A young guy next to me was talking to a girl about buying a small sized RV to live in. I remember those days :)

5pm: Did Voice Memo @ Park

6pm: Greyhound to Cleveland

I was the last one to board the bus because I decided last minute to get a Subway sandwich. I thought I was so good until I got the broken seat.

11pm: Ate @ Arby's

Upon arrival I asked the security guard for the nearest fast food place. He directed me a few blocks down.

Guy standing next to him decided to follow me and said, "Hi, I'm Cody!" I kept walking. When he was hollering for me to come back. I walked faster.

12am: Uber to Little Italy

1am: Checked In @ Airbnb

I met my Airbnb host in the hallway. He offered me a $40 discount if I pay in cash instead of via Airbnb because they take a service charge. I made sure to record the convo just in case. He said the ATM is across the street.

Card denied. I called Chase Bank and they said it was a security measure against fraud.

If taking $160 at 1:30am in Cleveland, a city I never been, doesn't raise a red flag then I guess nothing would so I was grateful for their diligence.

My host said he got his PHD at Kasey University. He has a Siberian accent so I awkwardly thought he said Kazakhstan University.

After I gave him the money he asked me if I wanted to meet the owner, "Terry Tarintino".

He was sitting at the counter cursing with the bartender. He owns the Italian Restaurant and the apartments above it (where I'm staying the week). We exchanged pleasantries. My host later told me that Terry is an icon in the neighborhood. He is very wealthy, but still likes to serve tables by hand the old fashion Italian way.

3am: Watched Bill Clinton's DNC Speech @ Airbnb

4am: Sleep @ Airbnb

STEPS: 10,800
HAPPY: 4/7

1pm: Woke Up After 9 Hrs Sleep @ Airbnb

Inspiration before I head out the door:

Solid reminders to have before you walk out the house each day #airbnb #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #rallywithgalli #dailyblog @

3pm: Blog Work @ Coffee Emporium

I got the bathroom key, then a girl said, "You beat me to it!" I gave it to her. Then after waiting 10 minutes she came back empty-handed and said she gave the key to a guy hovering by the door. "No good deed goes unpunished."

7pm: Setup Airbnb Reservation @ Airbnb

After a lot of research I booked a place for $35 a night in Columbus, OH. She denied my request though citing that the room is already taken even though Airbnb said it was available.

After more research I booked a new place for $30 in uptown Cincinnati, OH.

9pm: 5,5,5 Meditation @ Airbnb

I started a new 10 Day Challenge. I will do 5 minutes of each:

  • Focus on breath. When thoughts inevitably come, return focus to breath, letting those thoughts go.

  • Visualize all I have.

  • Visualize all I want.

10pm: Ran 2 Miles @ Downtown Cincinnati

Ran to the bridge. Took a photo. Ran back. #cincinnati #cincinnatiskyline #bridgewithoutaname #rallywithgalli #blog @

11pm: Ate Gyro Sandwich @ Park

My phone died just as I was about to pull up the passcode for the gate. FML.

After pacing back and forth and imagining myself sleeping in a dark alley wearing my running short shorts I held down the power button and luckily the phone turned back on long enough for me to pull up the passcode and get through the gate.

12am: Watched DNC Convention @ Airbnb

Hillary Clinton said that in her first 100 days she'll pass the largest jobs bill since the Great Depression.

Sounds great, right? I like jobs! Problem is the government doesn't create jobs as well as the private sector.

To have a job in the private sector means you have to offer something of value in exchange for money (for the most part) whereas in the public sector its about political connections & tenure (for the most part).

1am: Setup Airbnb Reservation @ Airbnb

Well this sucked. After already being confirmed for tomorrow, the host demanded I pay $45 for the room instead of $30. I said no.

She then called Airbnb to cancel the reservation. Airbnb gave me $25 for the inconvenience. After more research I am now leaving for Cleveland, OH tomorrow!

3am: Blog Work @ Airbnb

5am: Get Ready for Bed @ Airbnb

6am: Sleep @ Airbnb

STEPS: 16,500
HAPPY: 4/7

12pm: Woke Up After 7.5 Hrs Sleep @ Airbnb

3pm: Greyhound to Cincinnati

6pm: Checked In & Watched YouTube @ Airbnb

8pm: Walked Around @ Downtown Cincinnati

9pm: Ate Whitecastle @ Riverfront

Whitecastle was in the ghetto. I got my food and got the hell out of there, but not before someone forced me to partake in a magic trick. He asked, "How much you want to bet this next card is yours?" "A dollar?" No. "$10 dollars?" No. "A chicken sandwich?" No. He then turned over the wrong card anyway.

10pm: Bought Groceries @ Walgreens

11am: Watched DNC Convention @ Airbnb

I teared up from Michelle & Barrack Obama's speeches. They are exceptional human beings.

I also think the Bushes are exceptional people. Unfortunately its become good politics to attack the president's character and motives.

This election is all about character assassination. It makes for better entertainment, but does it make for better solutions?

12am: Blog Work @ Airbnb

3am: Got Ready for Bed @ Airbnb

4am: Sleep @ Airbnb