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In Sickness & In Health.

Dear Friend,

This letter represents another shift in strategy.

Moving forward, I will use this weekly newsletter as an opportunity to write you about my previous week.

I hope to share a lot of personal laughs, cries, and thoughts with you over the course of my life.

This is not meant for haters. It's meant for friends - the virtual and physical. If you want to unsubscribe you can do so by clicking at the bottom of this email. No hard feelings.

Otherwise let me extend my virtual hand and say, "Happy to have you on the journey!"

This past week started productive and ended poisonous.

I finally settled into a routine since my arrival to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I got my apartment, go-to coffee shop, go-to lunch place, go-to co-working space, go-to dinner place.

I also have a clear vision for Live to Challenge this month. I just need to continue to put in the hours to implement that vision, which I was doing until Friday hit me. And Friday hit hard!

I woke up in the middle of the night, rushing to the bathroom, and blasting from both ends of my blow holes.

I joked with a friend, "I haven't thrown up this much since trying to fit into my prom dress."

When I was younger I would have wallowed in self-pity, and begged the gods to make it stop!

But I tried a different approach - curiosity.

Instead of fighting the pain, I explored it.

And I realized that my body wasn't trying to hurt me.

I was the one that f*cked up. Who would have thought that out of all the places in Thailand, I would get food poisoning from cheese crackers I bought at 7-11!

One friend suggested I buy medication to suppress my natural bodily functions, but I explained to her I’m a big, strong man who is rarely sick. These bodily functions aren’t a glitch in my system - they are a feature of it!

My body is trying to get the food poison out of me and by suppressing diarrhea and throw up I’d only be keeping in the poison.

My body was at war! I ushered all my strength to get out of bed, crawled in front of the mirror, and then as I regained my footing I delivered a rousing speech to inspire my antibodies,

"We shall fight in the stomach, we shall fight in the lower intestine, we shall fight from the head to the toes, we shall fight in the esophagus; we shall never surrender!"

After 2 days of being bedridden, I woke up victorious!

After the dust settled, I was a tad upset because I lost 2 days of work, but I refocused my thoughts, “At least I got to binge watch movies guilt-free, and by taking my eyes off of work I can look at it with fresher eyes today, and most importantly, I reminded myself it could have been a lot worse.”

Ultimately I’m grateful for all the worst moments of my life because they make me stronger. I feel bad for the person who knows not pain for he shall know not success (Getting Shakespearean up-in-here helps to make my point more profound).

In sickness and in health,


P.S. Check out my newest YouTube Video, What I Saw on the Bus | My Thoughts on Poverty

P.S.S. I will continue to play with the format of these letters whether it be the content, length, pictures, etc… I’m always open to suggestions and would love to hear what you liked the most from this week’s letter :]



Life it too short quote.

Hello Fellow Go-Getter,

30 Day Journaling Challenge

I hope you enjoy these 7 thoughts prancing around my head this week:

1. I feel terrible if I don't feel productive. If I drown out the pain with instant-gratification, it makes things worse. I get back on track by clarifying my vision and taking baby steps.

2. I climbed to the top of a mountain in dress pants. I thought I was the least prepared for the hike until I was passed by an elderly muslim woman in a burka. I thought, I have no business complaining because there is always someone whose faced greater obstacles and yet have climbed to greater heights.

3. I just need to focus on getting 1,000 true fans. This seems possible considering there are 6.3 billion people on the planet. 1,000 true fans means I can comfortably continue my digital nomad lifestyle.

I talk more about 3. in this week's article: 6 Powerful Questions to Supercharge Your Motivation to Work

4. I got breakfast with fellow digital nomads. It was comforting to meet other people on a similar journey because before I got started I didn’t personally know a single person doing anything remotely like me. The more real I make a dream the more confident I can chase it.

5. The first Super Bowl I ever watched was in 2001, which was Tom Brady’s first Super Bowl appearance. I rooted for him in this week's Super Bowl because he serves as a strong anchor to my childhood. I feel like whenever an iconic person dies or retires (Robin Williams, Michael Jackson, Derek Jeter) it's like a little piece of my childhood is lost.

6. I arrived to Chiang Mai, Thailand without having a place booked. I spent the first few nights in a hostel and then walked around the city to get price checks on apartments. I got a good deal because people don’t normally do what I do, which is another reason why in life it's better to take the path less traveled becuse there are cheaper hotels on it ;]

7. All welfare should be replaced with a guaranteed income. The “guaranteed income” is an inevitability as technology continues to wipe out jobs. The question will then become… how much $$$ will you get and under what conditions? I think the amount should be just enough to eliminate poverty and the condition should be 2 years of National Service (military, peace corps, etc) to qualify. I’m a strong believer in the American work ethic, which is why I want to keep the guaranteed income just low enough to still incentivize work while also empowering people of all ages to be able to take the necessary time off to build the skills required in a 21st century economy.

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Live the Dream,


P.S. Pic is of me awkwardly standing outside the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



Bad Attitude Quote.

Hi Sexy Beast,

I think you'll appreciate these 7 thoughts swirling around my head this week:

1. I need to "sell" more! I don't like the idea, but here's how I choose to rationalize it: Do I think my business Live to Challenge will improve people's lives? Yes. Then therefore I would be doing you a disservice by not trying to get you to use it!

2. I need to "promote" more and "create" less. Some marketers claim you should allocate your time as 80% promotion and 20% creation, aka 80/20 rule. I have it flipped.

3. I watched a reality T.V. series on YouTube called, Whatever it Takes. After watching it I felt a boost in self-esteem because I thought, "Wow if these guys can become successful than so can I." {I talk more about it in my article: How I Overcame Self-Doubt to Have an Extraordinarily Productive Day}

4. I need to "bunch" more. This is where I do a bunch of the same tasks at the same time such as writing articles or filming. So instead of filming a video once a week to post. I film 3 videos at one-time and post one a week. This will give me a greater sense of momentum.

5. My "space" has increased as I've gotten older, "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response." I think my reactionary friends can use meditation to increase that cognitive space.

6. I think it's our OBLIGATION, RESPONSIBILITY, DUTY as human beings to set goals and it's my goal to get more people to see that. Humans are unique in our ability to contemplate the distance future. This is our superpower. And by us not choosing to channel it in a productive way is like Superman choosing to use his xray vision to only see through women's panties.

7. "Who am I?" I struggle with how to present Anthony Galli through the camera? Should I be serious or funny, conversational or preachy, humble or certain, intellectual or emotional, understanding or controversial? I'm all of these things depending on the context, but with a camera I must make a conscious choice. I haven't figured it out yet, but I hope the more I practice the more clear it'll become.

This was my last full week in Kuala Lumpur, Malayasia. I fly to Chiang Mai, Thailand next week. I'll be there for 2 months. You're welcome to come visit!

Thanks for reading! If you liked this newsletter please force it upon someone special.

Mucho Gracias,




Life it too short quote.

Hey my fellow do-gooder-and-chief,

Here are 10 things I thought worth sharing with you this week:

1. Trump is president, which means start stocking up on dried beans and ammunition.

2. Live to Challenge is looking awesome. This week I put a lot of focus into making the site "airy" and "visual", in other words I added more space between objects and added more spots for images to be displayed. Everybody loves pretty pictures!

3. I started wearing five rubber bands on my right wrist. Each rubber band equals a set of 30 pushups. After I complete a set, I move it to my left wrist. By the end of the night all my rubber bands should be on my left wrist. [Read My Article]

4. I've had my own personal office the past two months I've been living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but I realize that I work better when there are people around. [Read My Article]

5. I posted a long Facebook status to encourage self-reflection:
Do you have political courage? Do you hold any political views the majority of your Facebook friends would disagree with? If 99% of your newsfeed is just an amplification of what you already believe then aren't you part of the problem? The root of the problem isn't red vs. blue or white vs. black or male vs. female. The root of the problem is our inability to empathize with "the other". Since the dawn of time there has never been one group of people 100% right about everything. What is your group currently wrong about? You'll have far more influence within your group than with people outside it."

6. I watched the movie Inside Out. I loved one of the main lessons: sadness creates empathy and therefore without one you cannot have the other.

7. I started a new 30 Day Challenge: Listen to a Podcast Episode Daily. I haven't been listening to podcasts as much since coming abroad because I no longer have cell phone service, but I can still download the episodes before leaving a wifi hotspot.

8. I wrote a series of political articles under the title: "simple solutions". The media often presents political issues as a choice between A or B. I often like to ask, what about C? These simple solutions I think can appeal to both conservatives and democrats in such hot topics as healthcare, education, and immigration. [Click to Read Each of My Articles]

9. Speaking of the media, I read a fantastic article on its biased toward catchy headlines & controversy over fact-finding & consensus. No matter your political persusaion I think you should always look at the media (and politicians) with a skeptical eye. [Read the Article]

10. I started reading Creativity Inc by the founder of Pixar, which is about the company's history. Favorite passage so far: "There is nothing quite like ignorance combined with a driving need to succeed to force rapid learning." <= This is so me.

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I open the Day One journaling app and begin to write.

30 Day Journaling Challenge

My 30 day challenge was to write at least 5 journal entries a day.

This challenge takes me anywhere between 20 to 45 min.

Each entry was usually short and sweet that revolved around a concept i'd been mulling around in my brain.

I journal less to recap a particular event and more to clarify a particular thought or feeling.

I've been journaling on and off for 8 years, but felt the need to start this challenge because I had a lot of golden nuggets mixed with sh*t piling up in my brain that I needed to get out onto paper.

30 Day Journaling Golden Nuggets

Another reason I started this challenge was because I wanted to "spread my seed".

WTF does that mean?

I want to put my domain names and in as many reasonable places as possible so that those links will rank hirer on google. I could pay for ads (aka hookers if we are continuing with this metaphor), but I first want to thrust into all the free channels.

I'm achieving this through a variety of strategies - one of which is to share one of my five journal entries on Medium as a daily blog post with aforementioned links at the bottom of each post.

I want to keep this blog to one post per week so that I don't abuse your email inbox (subscribe if you haven't already).

There are a million reasons to journal. Besides reading, it has personally been my most beneficial daily habit.

30 Day Journaling Lincoln

The greatest benefit for me is that it's a form of therapy. I don't like to "vent" because "venting" can be detrimental to our health and often involves bad-mouthing or pushing our negative energy onto others.

I enjoy problem-solving, which journaling can often be better than or at least supplemental to conversing.

Journaling is also preservation.

30 Day Journaling Caveman

I may not think my life is particular interesting, especially the here and now, but once the here and now is no longer here and now than the words I write will be profoundly more interesting.

Just think how interesting it would be to read our thoughts when we were 10 or 20 years old, and then compound that by thinking how interesting it would be to read our parents or grandparents thoughts when they were our age.

Don't just journal for you. Journal for future generations!

Give this challenge a try and let me know what you think at or by tagging @livetochallenge on social media.